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Call for Applicants – Corporate Treasurer

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Call for Applicants – Corporate Treasurer
Want an opportunity to play a key role in SCA Inc.? The Board of Directors is accepting applications for the position of Corporate Treasurer. This is a part-time, stipend position, which requires approximately 5-10 hours per week, except for the period when the annual budget is being finalized.

The Treasurer reports directly to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and is responsible for maintaining detailed accounts of the SCA’s business transactions. The position requires a professional understanding of financial accounting for nonprofit organizations, and the ability to provide reports of the financial condition of the SCA as requested by the Board. A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or administration is preferred.

Applicants must have immediate access to internet, PC, and printer, as well as experience with Microsoft Office products, including intermediate skill level in Excel and other spreadsheet applications. Duties of the Society Treasurer include, but are not limited to the following:

Work with outside resources to create a system of investing for accounts other than those controlled by the corporate office.
Provide financial information to management by researching and analyzing accounting data and preparing reports.
Along with the Society Exchequer, work to maintain relationships with third party financial vendors and ensure that all financial filings are properly handled.
Work with appropriate officers to ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the Board on a timely basis.
Prepare and present the annual budget to the Board of Directors.
Develop and maintain internal control policies, guidelines, and procedures for activities such as budget administration.
Analyze the financial details of past, present, and expected operations in order to identify development opportunities and areas where improvement is needed.
Ensure development and board review of financial policies and procedures.
Maintain current knowledge of organizational policies and procedures, federal and state policies and directives, and current accounting standards.
Oversee the Review of the Books for the Kingdom accounts.
Oversee the activities of the Society Exchequer (SE) and communicate with the SE regarding any financial problems in any of the kingdoms.
Act as an intermediate between Society Exchequer and the SCA’s outside CPA firm.
Track and analyze membership numbers to identify trends in membership numbers.
Attendance at Board meetings and conference calls as required.
Other duties as assigned.
Interested applicants should send a letter of interest, together with modern and SCA qualifications, hardcopy to:

Louise Du Cray

Society for Creative Anachronism

P.O. Box 360789 Milpitas, CA 95036-0789

with courtesy copies sent to resumes at sca.org and treasurer at sca.org. Applications close February 1, 2022.