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The SCA Needs You!

The SCA Needs You!

Looking to help the SCA? Ever wondered what you need to be a Director?

The Board of Directors is always looking for new Nominees. To check out what is required, please go to: Board of Directors https://www.sca.org/about/board-of-directors/

A recent update on the Summary of Duties of the Board is available here:
Summary of Duties of the Board https://www.sca.org/bod-duty-summary2020/

The Current list of Nominees can be found here: Board Nominees https://www.sca.org/board-nominees/

Director John St. Dennis stated that there are at present thirty (30) candidates on the list of Board nominees.

A breakdown by kingdom is as follows:

Æthelmearc – 2
An Tir – 2
Ansteorra – 1
Artemesia – 0
Atenveldt – 1
Atlantia – 1
Avacal – 1
Caid – 2
Calontir – 3
Drachenwald – 0
Ealdormere – 0
East – 4
Glenn Abhann – 4
Lochac – 0
Meridies – 4
Middle – 1
Northshield – 0
Outlands – 1
Trimaris – 1
West – 4
We need your input! If you have an opinion about any of the nominees, your commentary, both positive and negative, is very much needed and gratefully received by the Board. You may comment on any aspect of the person’s suitability as a director that you feel is important. In addition, new nominations are always needed and strongly encouraged as are re-nominations of any who expire. Any SCA member may nominate any member, including themselves. All information received is kept completely confidential, and no one ever sees commentary on themselves.

Send all comments and nominations to Board Recruiting, PO Box 360789, Milpitas CA 95036, recruiting@sca.org.

Source: https://www.sca.org/news/the-sca-needs-you/