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Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

Recommend an award

Award ID: 17
Award Name: Augmentation of Arms
Award Rank: Award of Arms
Group: SCA
Group Type: Society
Registered: 1
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
8862Daman MacMillanBronzehelm2021-09-11
8861Veronique d'ArcyBronzehelm2021-09-11
8481Sumayya bint SuleimanStonegate2019-09-06
8272Varia GoffeArn Hold2019-03-02
8238Michael the Lucky of LancasterGryphon's Lair2019-01-12
8237Casamira JawjalnyLoch Salann2019-01-12
8128James Ulrich MacKellarLoch Salann2018-09-07
8127Rachel AshtonLoch Salann2018-09-07
7941Yuri the YakslapperStonegate2017-06-17
7941Eideard McCashStonegate2017-06-17
7889Ynesyn Ongge Xong Kerij-eInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-06-30
7644William GallowglassLoch Salann9999-12-31
7290Tryggvi Grabardr OlsenInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-09-07
7172Timmur Jochan (reg. as Timur al-Badawi)Loch Salann2012-08-09
7091Thorvald UlfhednarCôte du Ciel2006-05-29
6676Sionan Padraig CaimbeulGryphon's Lair1999-11-20
6676Sextus Papellus CaesidiousGryphon's Lair1999-11-20
6571Shauna of Carrick PointBronzehelm2002-10-12
6483Sean Kirkpatrick Tarragon (reg. as Sean Kirkpatrick)Loch Salann2010-12-11
6321Ryryd ap GwerstanLoch Salann2012-08-09
6094Robert de SpencerLoch Salann1989-01-14
5889Rapheal the RogueInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-06-30
5698Pasha Starling MayfaireArn Hold2014-08-30
5527Niccolo Gianfigliazzi GenoveseInactive/Out of Kingdom2005-08-27
5270Michael of AquitaneInactive/Out of Kingdom1997-01-04
5127Math Halfdane - called the FishGryphon's Lair2007-09-08
4684Leah de SpencerLoch Salann1989-01-14
4370Katya in raudharaSilver Keep2016-03-05
4220Karl Braden von SobernheimArn Hold2007-09-08
2868Fiametta da TrastevereGryphon's Lair2018-03-10
2466Edward DrakenfeldOne Thousand Eyes1991-06-30
2405Dunkr OrmstungaLoch Salann2016-03-05
1903Conchobhar mac MichilLoch Salann2016-03-05
1903CouchbarLoch Salann2016-03-05
1903Connor Michael maol DonasLoch Salann2016-03-05
1903Connor McMichaelLoch Salann2016-03-05
1245Bianca da RavennaGryphon's Lair2006-05-29
1110Basil der DracheOne Thousand Eyes2012-11-17
1089Bartholomew Hightower of CanterburyCôte du Ciel2007-09-01
423Allessandra Raffaela di Luciano (AKA Zahara min Shammar)One Thousand Eyes1991-06-30