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Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

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Award ID: 155
Award Name: Gryphon's Pride
Award Rank: Non-armigerous
Group: Artemisia
Group Type: Kingdom
Registered: 0
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
9189Zayn BradensohnArn Hold2022-05-07
9118Killian of 1000 EyesOne Thousand Eyes2022-06-18
9117Lydia daughter of BronachCrown Lands2022-06-18
9116Jonathon de BecLoch Salann2022-06-18
8990Peregrine ap OddeStan Wyrm2022-03-12
8989Aaron ap Odde Stan Wyrm2022-03-12
8960Jesse BillsonStan Wyrm2021-07-10
8945Johannes de JavierArrow's Flight2021-10-16
8848Quentin Kirtsean TarragonLoch Salann2021-07-03
8511Cecilia BookbinderCôte du Ciel2019-09-06
8476Gaius Tiberius of the JuliiBronzehelm2019-07-05
8429Malcolm ParishSentinels' Keep2019-08-17
8428Bridgette ParishSentinels' Keep2019-08-17
8417Freya VariasdottirArn Hold2019-01-26
8416Henry de SpencerLoch Salann2019-01-12
8415Christopher ap OddeStan Wyrm2018-08-18
8415Alec ap OddeStan Wyrm2018-08-18
8414William de BecLoch Salann2014-08-30
8413Indra of Arrow's FlightCôte du Ciel1994-01-22
8338Elizabeth [Arn Hold]Inactive/Out of Kingdom1999-06-19
8089Will ap OddeStan Wyrm2018-08-18
8089Will ap OddeStan Wyrm2018-08-18
8082David de PetynCastelleone Nuovo2018-08-18
8082David dePetynCastelleone Nuovo2018-08-18
7971Zach MacleodLoch Salann2009-09-05
7923Yuki TamoeCôte du Ciel2017-10-21
7843YashodaCôte du Ciel1996-12-07
7642William Connor MacKayLoch Salann2005-07-16
7640William Baptista HallowayInactive/Out of Kingdom2012-06-02
7606WalherSentinels' Keep2011-09-24
7568VirginiaInactive/Out of Kingdom2009-04-04
7312Tsuyoi SukankuStan Wyrm2011-04-02
7273Toukhil MacNeilInactive/Out of Kingdom1999-06-06
7247Tony LipariBronzehelm2013-06-14
7245Tomas WinterwoodInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-08-10
7010Therius the HilariousSentinels' Keep2014-07-19
6909Taryn mac CormacStan Wyrm2016-08-20
6782Stephen Serpent SlayerOne Thousand Eyes1995-01-14
6780Stephen McCaleStonegate2007-04-28
6763Stefana of StarfallCrown Lands2002-03-09
6733SophieCôte du Ciel2006-09-09
6712Sneferu sa Djedi mwetif Merit (also reg. as Einarr inn kristni Hákonsson)Côte du Ciel1993-09-19
6703Sklar of the Brown EyesGryphon's Lair2018-01-13
6703Skylar the Brown EyesGryphon's Lair2018-01-13
6593Shawn de LuceraInactive/Out of Kingdom2007-04-28
6570ShathowSentinels' Keep2011-09-24
6566ShannonInactive/Out of Kingdom2009-09-05
6528Sean ThorvaldssonInactive/Out of Kingdom2011-01-08
6437Sarah von FeuerbachArn Hold1999-10-23
6437Sarah von FeuerbachArn Hold1999-10-23
6437Sarah bat ReubenArn Hold1999-10-23
6429Sara of Arn HoldInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-06-10
6421Samantha of BronzehelmBronzehelm2014-02-08
6046Ricardo De Leon PiccoloInactive/Out of Kingdom2012-06-02
5866RaineCôte du Ciel2006-09-09
5819Rachel [BH]Bronzehelm2008-09-27
5733Pepi d'AyamonteArn Hold2013-01-26
5552Nijo YoshimitsuStan Wyrm2011-04-02
5492Myira bat RanyaArn Hold2017-08-26
5492Myira of Arn HoldArn Hold2017-08-26
5452Morgan nic GregorInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-03-05
5356Mina of Loch SalannLoch Salann2017-09-16
5321Miguel DelgadoInactive/Out of Kingdom2000-10-28
5318Mighan Kele NidunSentinels' Keep2011-09-24
5317Mighan Kele NidunSentinels' Keep2007-07-07
5214Melasande of GreenhavenCôte du Ciel1992-04-11
5179McCailaSentinels' Keep2007-07-07
5117Mary Louise the BraveInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-07-13
5072Marie von LowenburgInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-12-07
5059Marie AshtonInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-12-14
5054Marianne Freya SpjeldvikInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-12-14
4988Maori of Cote du CielInactive/Out of Kingdom2007-04-28
4889MaddiLoch Salann2015-12-12
4887Mackenzie CawdorDragonmarch2003-09-13
4800Logan O'LorccanStan Wyrm2006-10-21
4741Li LiInactive/Out of Kingdom2010-06-18
4723Lee of the Crystal ClyffeInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-07-29
4638Kyrie of CirrageSentinels' Keep2007-07-07
4609Kyle Allen SchwartzwaldArrow's Flight2012-01-07
4603Krystyn of WulfekinInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-03-25
4312Katharin the SmilingInactive/Out of Kingdom2007-09-16
3922Jeffrey of Arrow's FlightInactive/Out of Kingdom2008-09-20
3814James [SK]Sentinels' Keep2016-08-20
3792Jaime FullmerInactive/Out of Kingdom2002-04-13
3784Jade AldrichOne Thousand Eyes1993-10-09
3666Illeana Bambina la DolceInactive/Out of Kingdom2000-10-28
3662Ignatius InnesInactive/Out of Kingdom2000-10-28
3555Hildegarde DüsingInactive/Out of Kingdom2000-02-18
3506Helena BoccardiOne Thousand Eyes1997-06-07
3464Heather MacGilChristSilver Keep2006-06-10
3332Guarre MacNeilInactive/Out of Kingdom1999-06-06
3331Gryfn StephensonArrow's Flight2015-06-20
3317Growin MacNeilInactive/Out of Kingdom1999-06-06
3177Giovanni il RattoArrow's Flight2006-07-15
3005Gabrielle of Arn HoldArn Hold2007-02-03
2888Ceili MacClaineArn Hold2008-10-18
2888Fina EspinaArn Hold2008-10-18
2818FaithOne Thousand Eyes2015-01-17
2695Emma HollowayInactive/Out of Kingdom2003-12-06
2691Emma "Drekbeita" NandosdottierArn Hold2008-05-17
2611Elizabeth StephensdottirArrow's Flight2011-12-10
2611JorikArrow's Flight2011-12-10
2609Elizabeth of the CrosswindsCôte du Ciel2006-02-16
2575Elizabeth BlackCôte du Ciel2013-06-14
2541Eleira de SantiagoArn Hold2011-06-17
2493Edward ShortshanksCôte du Ciel2017-10-21
2464Edric BlackstarInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-01-12
2339Dominique WolfkeeperCrown Lands2002-03-09
2273Deryck of AnnesleyLoch Salann1990-07-21
2074CrispinArn Hold2011-09-03
1990Corey de LuceraOne Thousand Eyes2007-06-16
1936Connor O'RileyInactive/Out of Kingdom1992-12-12
1802Christall MacKellarInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-12-14
1687Catherine of White PineInactive/Out of Kingdom2009-01-31
1686Catherine of FerraraCrown Lands2012-04-21
1668Cassandra of the FellsInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-03-26
1617Carson of the Blue EyesGryphon's Lair2018-01-13
1566Caitlyn the Killer Attack ButterflyGryphon's Lair2011-07-23
1430Brigit Mac Ceird/Bridgit mac CaolaidheInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-05-30
1375Ulrich von ViolettBronzehelm2008-10-25
1375Ulrich von VioletteBronzehelm2008-10-25
1366BöseCôte du Ciel2011-04-23
1220Bethannee de la ValenciaArn Hold2003-07-12
1189Benjamin CaimbeulInactive/Out of Kingdom2006-01-21
915Artemis the BraveLoch Salann2006-12-09
607Ann (Symantha Jensen)Arrow's Flight2013-11-09
473Alyssa SchwartzwaldArrow's Flight2010-06-19
469Alysande of GreenvaleInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-03-02
444Alma AlbionssonInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-07-09
344Aleksandr HrafnsonLoch Salann2015-12-12
285Alaura SpriggInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-07-24
252Alan Fitz TalbotArrow's Flight2011-12-10
87Adriana Mentieth/Adriana MendeithInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-12-07
28Abigail KerslakeInactive/Out of Kingdom2010-06-18