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Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

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Award ID: 171
Award Name: Iron Talon of One Thousand Eyes
Award Rank: Non-armigerous
Group: One Thousand Eyes
Group Type: Barony
Registered: 1
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
8451HakonOne Thousand Eyes2019-06-13
8451Hakon Vinstri HalfdanOne Thousand Eyes2019-06-13
7951Yuri the YakslapperStonegate2012-01-21
7951Eideard McCashStonegate2012-01-21
7714William WildeInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-11-18
7690William Somme de VilleArn Hold1994-05-21
7678William le Dragoner/William the DragonheartedInactive/Out of Kingdom2009-03-21
7339Uggedei Mighan NidunSentinels' Keep1993-11-20
7027Thomas Foxhall of GravesendOne Thousand Eyes2001-03-17
6651Sikman the StoutInactive/Out of Kingdom1989-03-01
6644Sigrothr MelrakkiOne Thousand Eyes2014-03-15
6551Sergei Stepanovich Bezru'kevStonegate2002-01-19
6425Sanada MitsuhideStonegate2010-03-20
6228Roger de PalermoStonegate2003-11-22
5595«™gmundr hrokrStonegate2013-11-23
5595Ogmundr hrokrStonegate2013-11-23
5275Michael RomarkOne Thousand Eyes1987-02-21
4997Marcello daDonniciStonegate2000-06-09
4858Lyonel Oliver GraceInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-11-23
4120Juel de CaenOne Thousand Eyes1999-01-23
4076John Richard FairfaxInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-11-23
4048John Fitzgerald de ClareInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-11-19
3824James Newton de StileInactive/Out of Kingdom1999-01-23
3311Grimr inn feilanOne Thousand Eyes1999-07-11
3081Geoffrey the ProcrastinatorOne Thousand Eyes1991-01-12
2976Fritz der KlewerInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-11-16
2976Fritz von CleaverInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-11-16
2832Fedor PoriadnichStonegate2017-03-18
2832Glen of 1000 EyesStonegate2017-03-18
2472Edward DrakenfeldOne Thousand Eyes1990-03-28
2458Edmund de PortStonegate1998-01-31
2124Daman MacMillanBronzehelm2000-03-11
1959Conrad von ZuberbuehlerStonegate1993-11-20
1887Colin MacDhaibhidh of SouthkeepInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-09-28
1739Cedric of One Thousand EyesOne Thousand Eyes1993-10-23
1370Braden BurleighInactive/Out of Kingdom1990-03-17
1123Basil der DracheOne Thousand Eyes1991-11-23
1088Balin Michael GuiscardInactive/Out of Kingdom1992-03-28
952Asher LandchenderStonegate2012-06-14
731Anthony of the TyneInactive/Out of Kingdom1990-03-17
448Alric of AshfieldArn Hold1991-03-09
375Alfric the StoutOne Thousand Eyes2013-11-23
267Alan YoungforestOne Thousand Eyes1989-11-03