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Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

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Award ID: 282
Award Name: Service Performed Under Duress
Award Rank: Non-armigerous
Group: Arn Hold
Group Type: Barony
Registered: 0
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
8951Duncan FletcherSentinels' Keep2019-06-15
8674Agnes of Whitby/Hrafnhildr FrostadottirArn Hold2020-05-02
8673Giliana AttewatyrArn Hold2020-05-02
8669Aonghus ill ulfrArn Hold2020-05-02
8668Ursula de StrattoneArn Hold2020-05-02
8548Conlan WaylanArn Hold2019-08-23
8548Wojcek SobieskiArn Hold2019-08-23
8546Siggy of ArnholdArn Hold2019-08-23
8156Etienne DupreArn Hold2018-11-04
8153Ja'mala al-Badawiyya/Morgan du MarcArn Hold2018-11-04
8101Esabell GrantArn Hold2017-12-04
7810Xeno della LamaInactive/Out of Kingdom2009-05-17
7781Wulf Sagan von Osten-seeArn Hold2003-07-12
7540Viktor Vladimirovich StrakovInactive/Out of Kingdom1998-09-05
7453Varia GoffeArn Hold9999-12-31
7397Ursula de StrattoneArn Hold2015-07-18
7272Torin IronbrowInactive/Out of Kingdom1997-05-31
7259Tor von ButterbergArn Hold1995-10-21
7111Thorvaldr Blodox ErickssonInactive/Out of Kingdom1997-10-11
6929Teckla of Unicorn MeadowDeceased2001-01-28
6928Teckla of Unicorn MeadowDeceased1998-11-28
6792Subotai CinoaInactive/Out of Kingdom2012-05-05
6665Simona de FolettiArn Hold2016-05-14
6290Rowena of AvalonInactive/Out of Kingdom1992-03-08
6146Robert le Raven MacLeodLoch Salann2009-09-26
6043Riain ap SaoirseInactive/Out of Kingdom9999-12-31
5970Renee de la PommeraieBronzehelm1993-01-09
5783Porthos of KentArn Hold2008-10-18
5734Pepi d'AyamonteArn Hold2017-01-28
5713Pasha Starling MayfaireArn Hold1998-05-16
5556Nikolai Ivanovich SudovshchikovArn Hold9999-12-31
5387Morag a'SkyeInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-03-24
5239Merin du BourbonArn Hold2017-08-26
5205MeghanArn Hold2017-01-28
5183Meabdh O'Comain a Corca LaoidheInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-08-27
5038Marguerite Du Retto du BrestInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-10-21
4870Lysette d'EverauxArn Hold2009-01-31
4807Lore von VechtaInactive/Out of Kingdom1992-09-01
4585Kortland Stirling MayfaireArn Hold2003-07-12
4513Killian Flynn MacThoyArn Hold2017-05-06
4512Killian Flynn MacThoyArn Hold2017-01-28
4325Katherine Ce'Nedra von OppalInactive/Out of Kingdom2008-10-18
4261Karl Braden von SobernheimArn Hold2017-01-28
4260Karl Braden von SobernheimArn Hold2010-05-22
4259Karl Braden von SobernheimArn Hold2003-07-12
4258Karl Braden von SobernheimArn Hold2000-06-20
4018Jofrior ConnorsdottirArn Hold1999-09-04
3912Jean de St. Jean de AngeliDeceased9999-12-31
3809Ja'mala al-Badawiyya/Morgan du MarcArn Hold1996-10-19
3470Heather of Arn HoldInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-04-16
3359Guillaume de la RapiereArn Hold1999-11-13
3328Gruffydd ap IdwallonArn Hold1993-10-09
3230Gomez de SantanderArn Hold2013-01-26
3229Gomez de SantanderArn Hold2011-10-29
3145Giliana AttewatyrArn Hold2003-07-12
2744Erin MacClureInactive/Out of Kingdom2012-01-28
2645Elsa of Schola MetallorumInactive/Out of Kingdom2008-07-12
2642Els MerryweatherInactive/Out of Kingdom1992-08-29
2537Eleanore MacCarthaighInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-11-20
2446Eanfrith Derelei of OphirInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-07-22
2261Delaine of Arn HoldArn Hold2007-05-20
2214Darius ColignyInactive/Out of Kingdom2004-05-22
2166Danielle Alavaine de LicorneInactive/Out of Kingdom2012-01-28
2115Daleene of Arn HoldArn Hold2008-04-05
1750Celestine of Arn HoldArn Hold1995-07-22
1738Cedric of Arn HoldInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-07-18
1426Brighrd Kathleen SullasArn Hold1996-01-20
1346Blaise TourmenteInactive/Out of Kingdom9999-12-31
1261Bianca Spiriti de FiorenzaArn Hold2005-07-31
1040Avice d' AquitaineArn Hold1998-09-05
874Armand le MortDeceased1994-09-18
471Alyss d'EsplechinsArn Hold1994-09-10
337Aldwin LongwalkerDeceased1991-07-13
30Adam CarmychelInactive/Out of Kingdom2008-07-12