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Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

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Award ID: 308
Award Name: Swan and the Escallop
Award Rank: Non-armigerous
Group: One Thousand Eyes
Group Type: Barony
Registered: 1
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
8456Stephan SörensenOne Thousand Eyes2019-06-13
8455Denise of AmberleyOne Thousand Eyes2019-06-13
8410Thaddeus of 1000 EyesOne Thousand Eyes2018-06-16
8409Shirley of 1000 EyesOne Thousand Eyes2018-06-16
8401Madison of 1000 EyesOne Thousand Eyes2019-01-19
8400Taylor of 1000 EyesOne Thousand Eyes2019-01-19
8399Ryan of 1000 EyesOne Thousand Eyes2018-03-17
8387Cathryn Anne of NewburyCôte du Ciel2018-03-17
8386Loxley of Cote du CielCôte du Ciel2018-03-17
8385Signy the SlowOne Thousand Eyes2018-01-20
8352Maude TelerStonegate2010-11-20
7995Zuzanne SuwalskaOne Thousand Eyes1995-10-21
7989Zoe of CheddarOne Thousand Eyes2008-06-21
7966YvetteOne Thousand Eyes1997-06-07
7961Yuri the YakslapperStonegate1995-08-26
7961Eideard McCashStonegate1995-08-26
7917Ysabel la Serena de LilleStonegate9999-12-31
7802Wylef the StubbornSilver Keep2012-06-17
7722William WildeInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-06-19
7684William of 1000 EyesOne Thousand Eyes2015-03-21
7681William le Dragoner/William the DragonheartedInactive/Out of Kingdom2006-06-08
7637Wilhelm von AdlersheimOne Thousand Eyes1996-08-10
7603Vsevolod Igorovich (Sevya)One Thousand Eyes2013-03-16
7427Vanya ShakhmatnikovOne Thousand Eyes1994-05-21
7328Twas WinklerOne Thousand Eyes2015-06-18
7317Tuathflaith ingean ui ThighearnainOne Thousand Eyes1998-04-11
7274Tracy PhillipsOne Thousand Eyes2001-01-20
7246Tomas WinterwoodInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-08-10
7227Titiana CraftDeceased1999-11-20
7152Tigernach Bard Stonegate2010-06-19
7075ThorgerOne Thousand Eyes2009-11-21
7030Thomas Foxhall of GravesendOne Thousand Eyes1999-08-07
6911TataniaOne Thousand Eyes1998-07-11
6908Tarl TallbotteOne Thousand Eyes2000-06-10
6907TaraOne Thousand Eyes1997-11-08
6861Tadgh O'CuileannainOne Thousand Eyes2003-11-22
6808Sumayya bint SuleimanStonegate2003-05-03
6693Sitric McConnaillOne Thousand Eyes1999-01-23
6646Sigrothr MelrakkiOne Thousand Eyes2015-11-21
6560Shae nic LeanLoch Salann1993-08-21
6477Savina des GitanesOne Thousand Eyes9999-12-31
6441Sarah GillOne Thousand Eyes2012-06-14
6426Sanada MitsuhideStonegate2010-03-20
6419Samantha of AvondaleInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-08-26
6320Rycharde de Bruce the FowlerStonegate1999-06-06
6308Rurik ChristiansenOne Thousand Eyes1999-01-23
6262Rosalind the TenderDeceased1996-08-10
6233Roger de PalermoStonegate2004-11-13
6171Robert the LostOne Thousand Eyes1997-08-16
6039Rhys Ap Maelgwn Ap CynanOne Thousand Eyes2008-06-21
5915RayyaOne Thousand Eyes1998-01-31
5778Pohjoisesta Kultaseppa Koullin (Kaukori)Stonegate2015-01-17
5749Peter de NevillettOne Thousand Eyes1995-04-29
5646Owen DayspringOne Thousand Eyes1997-12-13
5597Ǫgmundr hrokrStonegate2015-11-21
5597Ogmundr hrokrStonegate2015-11-21
5453MorgannOne Thousand Eyes1997-03-08
5360MirandaOne Thousand Eyes1997-04-26
5277Michael the BullseyeInactive/Out of Kingdom2015-11-21
5218Melisande Alys DeschauxInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-06-18
5213MelanieOne Thousand Eyes2003-11-22
5168MaureenOne Thousand Eyes1992-11-21
5167Maura AaronwynInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-01-16
5121Marya Elizavita MikhailovaOne Thousand Eyes2014-01-18
5115Mary Constance MacBainInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-08-26
5069Marie Lorraine de MontclairOne Thousand Eyes1994-05-21
5046MariahOne Thousand Eyes2007-03-13
5003Marcello daDonniciStonegate1998-07-11
4950Mairsile KendricOne Thousand Eyes2001-06-09
4912Magdalena Lucia RambertiStonegate2016-01-17
4886Macela ChristineOne Thousand Eyes1999-11-20
4811Lorenz WilhelmInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-01-16
4636Kyri the RedOne Thousand Eyes2009-10-17
4636Kyrie the RedOne Thousand Eyes2009-10-17
4617KyneWynn the KindArrow's Flight1991-09-28
4608Kvigger BrodnOne Thousand Eyes1998-03-14
4406Kelsey DrekkerbittOne Thousand Eyes1998-03-14
4353KatrianaOne Thousand Eyes2013-06-14
4331Katherine de l'EauOne Thousand Eyes2001-03-17
4158Julien de NeveletOne Thousand Eyes1995-04-29
4130Juliana FoxStonegate2013-06-14
4125JulianaOne Thousand Eyes1996-11-16
4121Juel de CaenOne Thousand Eyes1998-04-11
4085JohnathonOne Thousand Eyes2012-06-14
4067Big John the DiminuitiveOne Thousand Eyes2006-06-08
4067John of the OaksOne Thousand Eyes2006-06-08
4060John GilsonOne Thousand Eyes2000-11-18
4052John Fitzgerald de ClareInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-06-19
3968Jessica of Broken RockStonegate2006-06-08
3968Khynika Nikol'eva vnuchkaStonegate2006-06-08
3950Jennifer [1000 Eyes]One Thousand Eyes1998-01-31
3916Jean-LucOne Thousand Eyes1993-10-23
3830James Newton de StileInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-08-10
3819James GislemarOne Thousand Eyes2007-06-15
3791Jaethen McDavierOne Thousand Eyes2007-06-15
3764Ivar DrekkerbittOne Thousand Eyes1998-03-14
3619Ian MacGreryInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-08-26
3517Helena HandbasketOne Thousand Eyes2010-03-20
3510Helena BoccardiOne Thousand Eyes2015-06-18
3500Helen Might de GunthorpeStonegate9999-12-31
3481Helaine du PortOne Thousand Eyes1997-11-08
3449HaraldR Sky TaanOne Thousand Eyes1997-04-26
3416HakonOne Thousand Eyes2015-06-18
3416Hakon Vinstri HalfdanOne Thousand Eyes2015-06-18
3300Griffin Blackthorne of BristolOne Thousand Eyes1998-01-31
3274Gregory McBrideOne Thousand Eyes2015-11-21
3123Germaine Jambert l'InnocenteLoch Salann1996-11-16
3058Genevieve FreiOne Thousand Eyes1997-04-26
2905Fionnghuala O MurriganeOne Thousand Eyes1999-08-07
2835Fedor PoriadnichStonegate2011-06-18
2835Glen of 1000 EyesStonegate2011-06-18
2737ErinOne Thousand Eyes1997-03-08
2684El'zhbeta DmitrovnaOne Thousand Eyes1996-11-16
2606Elizabeth of One Thousand EyesOne Thousand Eyes2007-06-16
2591Elizabeth Cameron CampbellInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-11-19
2565EliseOne Thousand Eyes1997-03-08
2548Elfwyn the DaneOne Thousand Eyes2008-07-19
2525Ekaterine KievanovaArrow's Flight2012-06-17
2461Edmund de PortStonegate1998-01-31
2439Ealasaid nic ShuibhneInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-08-26
2264Demus von GrunbachInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-01-16
2259Deirdre of KerrySentinels' Keep1994-11-19
2230Deann ChickOne Thousand Eyes2004-01-17
2222David BruceOne Thousand Eyes1995-08-26
2220Date MitsushimaOne Thousand Eyes2015-11-21
2106Dagon of One Thousand EyesOne Thousand Eyes1996-11-16
2078Cristina Louise More  Stonegate2009-01-17
1987Constance MontgomeryOne Thousand Eyes1995-08-26
1975Constance BannatyneInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-06-19
1972Conrad von ZuberbuehlerStonegate1992-03-28
1932Conner BlackthorneInactive/Out of Kingdom1998-01-31
1918Conchobhar mac MichilLoch Salann1996-10-26
1918CouchbarLoch Salann1996-10-26
1918Connor Michael maol DonasLoch Salann1996-10-26
1918Connor McMichaelLoch Salann1996-10-26
1874Coilin CruaidhchridheachInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-08-10
1821Cian MacCinaedaStonegate2013-03-16
1810Christoph of One Thousand EyesOne Thousand Eyes1996-10-26
1790CheriOne Thousand Eyes2002-01-19
1682Catherine Hywel of AltonOne Thousand Eyes1991-11-23
1677Catherine ChamberlayneOne Thousand Eyes1998-10-31
1558Cailleach Dhe' bean TigernaichStonegate2010-06-19
1545Bud of One Thousand EyesOne Thousand Eyes2007-06-15
1458BritaOne Thousand Eyes2012-06-14
1411Brianne the PoetCrown Lands1995-04-29
1264Big John the DiminuitiveOne Thousand Eyes1998-06-06
1264John of the OaksOne Thousand Eyes1998-06-06
1219BethOne Thousand Eyes1998-04-11
1147Basil der DracheOne Thousand Eyes2013-03-16
1068BaldricOne Thousand Eyes2007-01-13
1014Aurore de FlandresOne Thousand Eyes1993-11-20
973Auletes the HungrySilver Keep2012-06-17
955Ashley ArronsdaleOne Thousand Eyes1993-10-23
953Asher LandchenderStonegate2015-11-21
906Arrianna liDonniciStonegate1998-07-11
855Ariel of YorkOne Thousand Eyes1997-01-25
829Areana GreycastleStonegate1997-06-07
632Anna Elsbeth von ZuberbuehlerStonegate1992-03-28
603Ankharet Verch MereduddSilver Keep2012-06-17
556Angela SeuestereOne Thousand Eyes1997-01-25
542Angela NorreysStonegate2009-01-17
531Andrew Mac EthInactive/Out of Kingdom2003-03-01
475Alyssia Gabrieal YvonneOne Thousand Eyes1991-10-19
468Alyna Isabel de ClareInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-12-01
399Alissa Gabriel YaritsaOne Thousand Eyes2000-06-10
378Alfric the StoutOne Thousand Eyes2015-11-21
152Aethric filius EalhstanOne Thousand Eyes2001-11-17
100Aedh MacEdghainnOne Thousand Eyes2013-08-03
49Adelheid AchtsnichtOne Thousand Eyes2000-11-18