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Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

Recommend an award

Award ID: 313
Award Name: Territorial Court Barony
Award Rank: Grant of Arms
Group: SCA
Group Type: Society
Registered: 1
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
8775Morgan ferch Cennydd of HawksreachSentinels' Keep2020-10-03
8774Caointiarn ComhthaistealaíSentinels' Keep2020-10-03
8773Bronwyn MorganLoch Salann2020-12-12
8773Bronwyn Morgan the EmbroidererLoch Salann2020-12-12
8772Hogar HansenLoch Salann2020-12-12
8772Hoggar HansonLoch Salann2020-12-12
8766Owen y Bwa ap HowellGryphon's Lair2021-04-10
8765Owen y Bwa ap HowellGryphon's Lair2021-04-10
8725Isabeau Lia RossedalBronzehelm2021-01-09
8724Tilmann Glückhaft (Til the Lucky Til von Mannheim)Bronzehelm2021-01-09
8583Alan YoungforestOne Thousand Eyes2019-11-23
8582Avelyn ingen UilliamOne Thousand Eyes2019-11-23
8427Gomez de SantanderArn Hold2019-08-24
8426Merin du BourbonArn Hold2019-08-24
7962Yuri the YakslapperStonegate2014-11-22
7962Eideard McCashStonegate2014-11-22
7868Yelisveta Katlin SavrasovaLoch Salann1997-04-12
7723William WildeInactive/Out of Kingdom1998-06-06
7548Vilhelm SilverhammerGryphon's Lair2016-01-09
7345Uggedei Mighan NidunSentinels' Keep2002-06-06
7289Tryggvar HalfdanGryphon's Lair2005-03-26
7261Tor von ButterbergArn Hold2007-11-03
7207Timmur Jochan (reg. as Timur al-Badawi)Loch Salann2003-04-26
7137Tianna Ni Coimin (reg. as Tanne Comyn)Loch Salann2003-04-26
6940Teghan MacLiamArn Hold2017-08-26
6809Sumayya bint SuleimanStonegate2014-11-22
6515Sean Kirkpatrick Tarragon (reg. as Sean Kirkpatrick)Loch Salann2008-12-13
6409Sakura Kita MaikeruLoch Salann1997-04-12
6336Ryryd ap GwerstanLoch Salann2011-12-10
6172Robert the LostOne Thousand Eyes2012-11-17
6117Robert de SpencerLoch Salann1989-01-14
5992Renee Dominique VittorioOne Thousand Eyes1996-07-06
5841Rachel RavenlockArn Hold2007-11-03
5828Rachel AshtonLoch Salann1999-04-23
5812Qamar al-Nisa al Anatolia (Reg. as Qamar al-Nisa)Loch Salann2008-12-13
5784Porthos of KentArn Hold2011-07-23
5674Owna ny GlasnieLoch Salann2015-12-12
5539Niccolo Gianfigliazzi GenoveseInactive/Out of Kingdom2001-04-23
5293Michael the Lucky of LancasterGryphon's Lair2012-06-02
5138Math Halfdane - called the FishGryphon's Lair2010-01-09
4861Lyonel Oliver GraceInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-06-19
4809Lore von VechtaInactive/Out of Kingdom1997-10-11
4775Llywellyn ap Rhodri HopkinsInactive/Out of Kingdom2005-10-15
4709Leah de SpencerLoch Salann1989-01-14
4587Kortland Stirling MayfaireArn Hold2002-12-09
4550Konrad von KrixenArn Hold2002-12-09
4477Kian hrafn af DyrnesiSentinels' Keep1998-10-24
4327Katherine Ce'Nedra von OppalInactive/Out of Kingdom2011-07-23
4265Karl Braden von SobernheimArn Hold2009-10-17
4153Juliana nic LachlainnSentinels' Keep1998-10-24
4117Judith of SherburnSentinels' Keep2009-10-24
3992Joanna of ShrewsburyInactive/Out of Kingdom2005-10-15
3946Jennet Moir de BrechinLoch Salann2013-12-14
3853James Ulrich MacKellarLoch Salann1999-04-23
3684Illore of the WestleaSentinels' Keep2017-10-14
3147Giliana AttewatyrArn Hold2009-10-17
3053Gefjon fasthaldri HrafnardottirSentinels' Keep2003-10-18
2721Enrique Matias de RojasSentinels' Keep2017-10-14
2675Elyn of CoffinburyInactive/Out of Kingdom2001-04-23
2598Elizabeth CarterInactive/Out of Kingdom2012-01-07
2592Elizabeth Cameron CampbellInactive/Out of Kingdom1998-06-06
2484Edward DrakenfeldOne Thousand Eyes1991-06-29
2427Dunkr OrmstungaLoch Salann2015-12-12
2326Dietrich SchneewolfOne Thousand Eyes2005-11-19
2260Deirdre of KerrySentinels' Keep2002-06-06
2203Daria de SalamancaGryphon's Lair2010-01-09
1973Conrad von ZuberbuehlerStonegate2000-06-10
1697Catherine Owain of Porth CeriArn Hold2004-09-04
1519Bruce MacQuhirrieInactive/Out of Kingdom1997-10-11
1491Bronwen Montgomery of IrenwoldSentinels' Keep2000-10-28
1449Brion Anthony Uriel TarragonInactive/Out of Kingdom1992-07-25
1396Brenna ChaimbeulInactive/Out of Kingdom2005-03-26
1257Bianca da RavennaGryphon's Lair2008-01-05
1229Bethany of WindermereGryphon's Lair2016-01-09
1187Bengta RolfsdotterGryphon's Lair2012-06-02
1148Basil der DracheOne Thousand Eyes1996-07-06
1084Balenor BlackmereArn Hold2017-08-26
1084Balen BlackmereArn Hold2017-08-26
943Asgierr Rekke I DaneGryphon's Lair2018-01-13
877Armand le MortDeceased1999-09-04
856Ariel of YorkOne Thousand Eyes2012-11-17
817Aquilanne Jessica GraceInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-06-19
750Antoinette Clarissa du BeteOne Thousand Eyes2008-11-01
741Antoine de BueilSentinels' Keep2012-09-22
644Anna Ophelia Holloway TarragonInactive/Out of Kingdom1992-07-25
633Anna Elsbeth von ZuberbuehlerStonegate2000-06-10
621Anna de BrabantLoch Salann2011-12-10
451Alric of AshfieldArn Hold2004-09-04
437Allessandra Raffaela di Luciano (AKA Zahara min Shammar)One Thousand Eyes1991-06-29
421Allesandria de CappelaGryphon's Lair2018-01-13
71Adne Dirdal the Whitewolf (reg as Asne Whitewolf)Sentinels' Keep2009-10-24
50Adelheid AchtsnichtOne Thousand Eyes2005-11-19
32Adela De RouenSentinels' Keep2014-10-18
15Aaron Carter of LiddesdaleInactive/Out of Kingdom2012-01-07