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Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

Recommend an award

Award ID: 326
Award Name: Viscounty
Award Rank: Viscounty
Group: SCA
Group Type: Society
Registered: 1
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
9140Leticia de ScociaCrown Lands1983-01-29
9056Uther Scheimann der HuntArn Hold1995-11-18
7996Sumayya of YibnaBronzehelm2010-12-11
7996Annelise von AachenBronzehelm2010-12-11
7940Yumitori no Kiyoshi (reg. as Aylwin Graham the Flamehaired)Deceased1995-01-14
7901Ynesyn Ongge Xong Kerij-eInactive/Out of Kingdom1990-01-13
7869Yelisveta Katlin SavrasovaLoch Salann1981-07-05
7784Wulf Sagan von Osten-seeArn Hold1987-11-14
7661William GallowglassLoch Salann1983-01-15
7528Vigdis HakkondottirLoch Salann2011-01-29
7070Thorfinn the Just (reg.)Loch Salann1989-01-14
7040Thomas the DiminutiveLoch Salann1989-07-08
6657Sikman the StoutInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-01-12
6539Seoinin IrontreeLoch Salann1994-01-08
6518Sean Kirkpatrick Tarragon (reg. as Sean Kirkpatrick)Loch Salann1997-01-11
6455Sarah ThomasynLoch Salann1989-01-14
6341Saaiqa ChandaniInactive/Out of Kingdom1990-07-21
6118Robert de SpencerLoch Salann1982-07-25
6032Rhyndel Angharad TerentiaInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-07-10
5993Renee Dominique VittorioOne Thousand Eyes1996-01-13
5901Rapheal the RogueInactive/Out of Kingdom1990-01-13
5881Ramona la IndomitaInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-01-14
5603Olaf CancelerInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-07-09
5430Morgan D'AntiocheArn Hold1993-07-10
4793Lochlan Bjornson (Reg Lakhan Bornin syn)Loch Salann2011-01-29
4710Leah de SpencerLoch Salann1982-07-25
4669Laurellen du BrandevinInactive/Out of Kingdom1992-01-11
4293Kassandra de CataniaLoch Salann1997-01-11
4186Jyllian of BubbOne Thousand Eyes1991-01-12
3811Ja'mala al-Badawiyya/Morgan du MarcArn Hold1994-01-08
3027Gareth ap LlwewlyenOtherhill1997-07-12
2803Etienne DupreArn Hold1995-07-08
2485Edward DrakenfeldOne Thousand Eyes1991-07-13
2073Courtney Caesaria Almy (reg. as Caesaria Almy)Inactive/Out of Kingdom1997-07-12
1773Cerys BassettInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-07-09
1640Caryn Isolde Clothilde von KatzenbergLoch Salann1983-01-15
1450Brion Anthony Uriel TarragonInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-01-09
1149Basil der DracheOne Thousand Eyes1996-01-13
1036Avelyn ingen UilliamOne Thousand Eyes1996-07-06
1017Aveloc the YoungerInactive/Out of Kingdom1990-07-21
657Anna ZauberkunstlerinInactive/Out of Kingdom1992-07-11
645Anna Ophelia Holloway TarragonInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-01-09
438Allessandra Raffaela di Luciano (AKA Zahara min Shammar)One Thousand Eyes1991-07-13
284Alan YoungforestOne Thousand Eyes1992-07-11
80Adria of the CrosswindsArrow's Flight1989-07-08