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Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

Recommend an award

Award ID: 329
Award Name: Walking Pell
Award Rank: Non-armigerous
Group: Arn Hold
Group Type: Barony
Registered: 1
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
8324Primus of Arn HoldArn Hold2019-01-26
7625Wendel Weller/Wendell the Badger WellerInactive/Out of Kingdom9999-12-31
7279Tristan Heartrose the UnbalancedInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-12-14
7113Thorvaldr Blodox ErickssonInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-08-19
6635Signy HariInactive/Out of Kingdom2011-10-29
6258Ronan Geirson ta RautalahtiArn Hold2009-05-16
5431Morgan D'AntiocheArn Hold1993-11-20
5241Merin du BourbonArn Hold2017-01-28
3812Ja'mala al-Badawiyya/Morgan du MarcArn Hold1992-09-01
3790Jadwiga de ZawadaInactive/Out of Kingdom9999-12-31
3031Gaston PogueInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-03-16
2854Fergus Andrew MacGillreickInactive/Out of Kingdom1997-05-31
2217Darius ColignyInactive/Out of Kingdom2007-11-03
1953Conor macAlistair of St. AndrewsInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-11-19
1063Azir de LuceraGryphon's Lair1996-10-19