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Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

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Award ID: 335
Award Name: White Falcon
Award Rank: Non-armigerous
Group: Loch Salann
Group Type: Barony
Registered: 1
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
8601Seth ComynDragonmarch2019-12-07
8574Rebekah of Loch SalannInactive/Out of Kingdom2019-03-09
8521Ursa ArciLoch Salann2019-07-20
8520Aleksandr HrafnsonLoch Salann2019-07-20
8217Rebekah of Loch SalannInactive/Out of Kingdom2018-12-08
8208Gaius Crassius GermanicusCrown Lands2018-12-08
8067Valka LakhandottirLoch Salann2018-07-20
7964Yuri the YakslapperStonegate1993-04-24
7964Eideard McCashStonegate1993-04-24
7557Vincenzo Del’AquilaLoch Salann2017-06-03
7557Vincenzo Del'AquilaLoch Salann2017-06-03
7557Vincenzo del AquilaLoch Salann2017-06-03
7555Vincent McThomasInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-03-25
7529Vigdis HakkondottirLoch Salann2017-09-16
7516Vidar BrekeboweArrow's Flight2006-06-03
7413Valdís BjarkiGryphon's Lair2013-12-14
7352UlfberhtLoch Salann2015-06-06
7310Tryggvi Grabardr OlsenInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-04-27
7309Tryggvi Grabardr OlsenInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-12-09
7209Timmur Jochan (reg. as Timur al-Badawi)Loch Salann1998-03-28
7162Tighearnan mag CinndeargainLoch Salann2014-12-13
6920TatiyanaInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-06-29
6871Takeyama NakayoshiLoch Salann2014-03-08
6823Svein the WretchedInactive/Out of Kingdom2015-06-06
6620Sieg GeirolnirInactive/Out of Kingdom2005-12-10
6520Sean Kirkpatrick Tarragon (reg. as Sean Kirkpatrick)Loch Salann1995-10-14
6417Salam'el ibn AhmoudInactive/Out of Kingdom2008-12-13
6159Robert Silverbow of the FellsInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-12-04
6148Robert le Raven MacLeodLoch Salann2002-03-23
6120Robert de SpencerLoch Salann1996-03-23
6093Robert de Fletcher the DuelistArn Hold1995-12-09
6066Richard StarkLoch Salann2016-12-10
6066Richard von Teck Loch Salann2016-12-10
5998Rhianna ingen CathailLoch Salann1999-03-27
5815QuillantLoch Salann2012-07-21
5686Padraig MacBrian of Lough StrangfordDeceased1992-12-12
5604Olaf CancelerInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-03-20
5297Michael the Lucky of LancasterGryphon's Lair1992-12-12
5269Michael O'BrienDragonmarch2002-06-29
5140Math Halfdane - called the FishGryphon's Lair9999-12-31
5088Marius Markos Algallon ArmeniosLoch Salann2003-05-31
4924Magnus SigurdsonLoch Salann2010-08-14
4794Lochlan Bjornson (Reg Lakhan Bornin syn)Loch Salann2009-03-14
4713Leah de SpencerLoch Salann1996-03-23
4205Kamiyama HiroshiInactive/Out of Kingdom1992-03-03
4100Juan SebastianLoch Salann2015-03-14
3926Jenna CorriganLoch Salann1999-03-27
3855James Ulrich MacKellarLoch Salann2006-02-16
3584Hogar HansenLoch Salann2001-12-08
3584Hoggar HansonLoch Salann2001-12-08
3366Gustav von RostockLoch Salann2015-12-12
3294Gregory of BecLoch Salann1995-12-09
3200Godfrey de Fry /Engurrin of WarwickLoch Salann1998-03-28
3181Giovanni il RattoArrow's Flight2016-11-12
3105Gerald FitzGerald (AKA Fitz)Loch Salann1996-12-14
3070Geoffrey of DaleInactive/Out of Kingdom2001-03-24
3067Geoffrey ForesterInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-12-14
2932Flóki hvítskeggr LambasonLoch Salann1991-12-07
2520Eirikr EyvindarsonInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-03-20
2499Eibhear Mac CuilinnLoch Salann2018-03-10
2429Dunkr OrmstungaLoch Salann2009-12-12
2375Dragan VolkovDeceased1994-12-10
2276Deryck of AnnesleyLoch Salann2016-03-12
2140Dammar Fajer/Gustav GreyheartInactive/Out of Kingdom2001-05-05
2088Cu Dub Mac LorccainArrow's Flight2015-12-12
2088Cu Dub Mac Lorccain (known as Rex)Arrow's Flight2015-12-12
2088Cú Dub mac LorccáinArrow's Flight2015-12-12
2037Cornelius the CrusaderInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-01-15
2026Cormac MacGuinInactive/Out of Kingdom1992-10-17
1930Connall O'DoibhilinLoch Salann2013-12-14
1930Conall Ua DoibhilénLoch Salann2013-12-14
1813Christoph von LubbekeLoch Salann1999-03-27
1384Brandubh EwebankInactive/Out of Kingdom2013-07-27
1362Bohun the BlackDragonmarch2007-12-08
1197Berenger Fitz GerardInactive/Out of Kingdom1999-12-11
931Aryan Christoph WeinburgLoch Salann1996-12-14
310Albrecht Von KallenburgGryphon's Lair2013-12-14
293Albert Faulk of SandfordInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-05-15
293Albert Faulke of SandfordInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-05-15
250Akiame Oni YoshiDragonmarch2011-06-04
241Aislinn of FifeGryphon's Lair2016-12-10
90Adriana Mentieth/Adriana MendeithInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-03-09