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Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

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SCA Name: Gregory of Bec
Group: Loch Salann
Registered: 0
Active: 1


3275Loch SalannAward of Arms1995-02-28
3276Loch SalannKnight1996-07-06
3277Loch SalannCourt Barony2014-03-01
3278Loch SalannCrystal of the Salt Wastes2017-12-09
3279Loch SalannGolden Pillar2001-04-07
3280Loch SalannGolden Reflection of Loch Salann1997-03-15
3281Loch SalannGratia et Comitas1998-06-06
3282Loch SalannGryphon's Heart of Artemisia1999-07-10
3283Loch SalannGryphon's Talon of Artemisia1995-09-30
3284Loch SalannGryphon's Talon of Artemisia1996-03-23
3285Loch SalannHawk's Lure1996-03-26
3286Loch SalannKing's Council2001-07-14
3287Loch SalannKing's Council2002-03-09
3288Loch SalannKing's Council2014-08-30
3289Loch SalannKing's Sigil1996-08-31
3290Loch SalannPelican2014-10-04
3291Loch SalannQuodlibet1996-07-06
3292Loch SalannQuodlibet2000-04-08
3293Loch SalannWhite Duck1998-11-01
3294Loch SalannWhite Falcon1995-12-09
3295Loch SalannWhite Lark1998-05-16
3296Loch SalannWhite Phoenix2014-06-07
8062Loch SalannGryphon of Artemisia2018-07-21
9121Loch SalannClaves Artemisiae2022-06-18