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Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

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SCA Name: Kelwin Ratslayer
Group: Arn Hold
Registered: 0
Active: 1


4411Arn HoldAward of Arms1991-09-28
4412Arn HoldCombattant Moose1993-04-17
4413Arn HoldCourt Barony2008-03-08
4414Arn HoldGolden Pillar2017-08-26
4415Arn HoldGrant of Arms1994-12-10
4416Arn HoldGratia et Comitas2014-03-01
4417Arn HoldGryphon of Artemisia2018-01-27
4418Arn HoldGryphon's Talon of Artemisia1994-11-12
4419Arn HoldJewel of Alces1993-11-20
4420Arn HoldLight of Atenveldt1994-05-07
4421Arn HoldNorth Star9999-12-31
4422Arn HoldOleander1993-01-09
4423Arn HoldGryphon's Heart of Artemisia1993-01-09
4424Arn HoldGryphon's Heart of Artemisia1994-01-08
4425Arn HoldGryphon's Heart of Artemisia1995-06-24
4426Arn HoldPelican1995-09-16
4427Arn HoldPillar of Artemisia1993-04-17
4428Arn HoldPrincess' Knot2001-02-17
4429Arn HoldQueen's Confidence2014-08-30
4430Arn HoldSincerity and Honor1993-01-09
4431Arn HoldTotally Aggressive Nasty Killers (TANK)1997-01-11
8149Arn HoldDefenders of the Citadel2018-11-04
8273Arn HoldGryphon's Heart of Artemisia2019-03-02
8281Arn HoldOleander2019-02-23
8425Arn HoldKnight2019-08-24
9006Arn HoldForget-me-not2022-03-17
9261Arn HoldPilgrims of Artemisia2022-08-27
9327Arn HoldKing's Council2022-09-17