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Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

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9020Arn HoldKing's Council2022-03-12
9054Arn HoldDuchy1999-08-28
9055Arn HoldCounty1998-01-03
9056Arn HoldViscounty1995-11-18
9057Arn HoldKnight1999-05-01
9058Arn HoldLeaf of Merit2010-06-19
9059Arn HoldAward of Arms1993-09-10
9060Arn HoldLegion of Courtesy2004-04-17
9061Arn HoldQueen's Cypher [WEST]1995-04-29
9062Arn HoldQueen's Cypher [WEST]1999-01-02
9063Arn HoldQueen's Cypher [WEST]1999-08-28
9064Arn HoldQueen's Cypher [WEST]2000-08-26
9065Arn HoldQueen's Cypher [WEST]2001-01-06
9066Arn HoldQueen's Cypher [WEST]2002-03-30
9067Arn HoldQueen's Cypher [WEST]2003-01-04
9068Arn HoldKings Favor2004-02-14
9069Arn HoldForget-me-not2004-02-14
9070Arn HoldQueen's Cypher [WEST]2009-01-03
9071Arn HoldQueen's Cypher [WEST]2010-05-01
9072Arn HoldQueen's Cypher [WEST]2010-08-28
9073Arn HoldQueen's Cypher [WEST]2011-01-08
9074Arn HoldQueen's Cypher [WEST]2011-04-30
9075Arn HoldQueen's Cypher [WEST]2021-09-05
9076Arn HoldDefenders of the West2000-08-17
9077Arn HoldCorolla Vitea2007-09-22
9078Arn HoldPrincess' Order of Grace1993-03-27
9079Arn HoldCynaguan Medal of Honor1993-04-24
9080Arn HoldCynaguan Medal of Honor2000-07-15
9081Arn HoldPrincess' Token2000-01-29
9082Arn HoldPrincess' Token2010-01-30
9083Arn HoldPrince's Token2013-07-13
9084Arn HoldPrincess' Favor (Mists)1995-11-18
9085Arn HoldPrincess' Favor (Mists)2008-05-17
9086Arn HoldPrincess' Favor (Mists)2010-11-20
9087Arn HoldStalwart Heart2021-09-11
9088Arn HoldCoeur d'Azur2012-05-19
9089Arn HoldArmure Epatant2005-04-02
9090Arn HoldSilver Ivy1997-05-17
9091Arn HoldQueen's Rapier2008-08-04
9092Arn HoldQueen's Order of Maintenance2021-09-05
9093Arn HoldMuckin' Tall Maul2004-05-22
9094Arn HoldMuckin' Great Clubbe1995-04-29
9095Arn HoldWreath of Chivalry2001-10-13
9096Arn HoldWreath of Chivalry1997-03-22
9097Arn HoldWreath of Chivalry1995-03-18
9098Arn HoldWreath of Chivalry1993-03-20
9099Arn HoldSilver Mantle2009-10-04
9100Arn HoldWestern Hero2006-02-18
9101Arn HoldValor2000-08-17
9102Arn HoldKnight Bannerette [West]2002-10-05
9103Arn HoldAsh Leaf2008-05-04
9104Arn HoldWestern White Scarf2009-10-10
9105Arn HoldHastae Leonis, Ordo2006-01-14