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Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

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SCA Name: Varia Goffe
Group: Arn Hold
Registered: 0
Active: 1


7428Arn HoldAmethyst Chalice2009-10-17
7429Arn HoldAmethyst Chalice2012-07-07
7430Arn HoldAward of Arms1992-12-12
7431Arn HoldCourt Barony2007-09-01
7432Arn HoldCrystal Heart1996-12-14
7433Arn HoldCrystal of the Salt Wastes1997-03-15
7434Arn HoldGolden Maple Leaf1997-12-13
7435Arn HoldGolden Reflection of Loch Salann1997-10-25
7436Arn HoldGrant of Arms1998-03-28
7437Arn HoldGryphon of Artemisia2014-08-30
7438Arn HoldGryphon's Heart of Artemisia2007-03-03
7439Arn HoldGryphon's Heart of Artemisia2012-03-03
7440Arn HoldGryphon's Heart of Artemisia2017-08-26
7441Arn HoldGryphon's Talon of Artemisia1997-07-12
7442Arn HoldJewel of Alces2009-05-16
7443Arn HoldKey Cross2004-08-07
7444Arn HoldLaurel2006-06-10
7445Arn HoldLight of Atenveldt1997-06-07
7446Arn HoldMaple Leaf of Artemisia1996-06-14
7447Arn HoldOleander1990-02-01
7448Arn HoldGryphon's Heart of Artemisia1994-12-10
7449Arn HoldPelican1998-10-10
7450Arn HoldPomme d'Or9999-12-31
7451Arn HoldQueen's Confidence2009-09-05
7452Arn HoldQueen's Confidence2014-08-30
7453Arn HoldService Performed Under Duress9999-12-31
7454Arn HoldTerpsichore's Mouffle2009-10-17
7455Arn HoldTotally Aggressive Nasty Killers (TANK)1994-03-05
7456Arn HoldWhite Lark1996-04-27
7457Arn HoldWindmuhlen Keeper2007-09-29
8245Arn HoldGryphon's Heart of Artemisia2019-03-02
8272Arn HoldAugmentation of Arms2019-03-02
8423Arn HoldTĂȘte de Mort et la Fleur de Lys2019-08-24
8911Arn HoldQueen's Confidence2021-09-11
9321Arn HoldTerritorial Court Barony2022-08-27