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The Artistic Anniversary

SCA Covid-19 Disclaimer

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Saturday, May 8, 2021 - 00:00 to Sunday, May 9, 2021 - 00:00

As nearly as I can tell, Arn Hold was not only the first Barony to hold
a virtual event in Artemisia, but we were the first to announce a
virtual event and only one or two other locations hosted a virtual event
on the same day, joining us as the first to hold a virtual event.
We had guests with us from around the known world on the day, and we
started this quarantine out on the right foot.
as a Barony and a Kingdom, we have paved the way ever since, our
populace working hard to remain engaged and our officers doing
everything they could to learn, adapt and grow.

Let’s celebrate all we’ve achieved with a day not only of classes and
games, but of personal storytelling and show and tell.
I would propose, with the approval of the MoAS of course, that our A&S
competition have a strong focus on entering projects using a skill
learned during the pandemic, or started before but completed during the
pandemic. This way our artisans have the chance to show that they have
been learning and growing, but we are also providing an occasion for
even those with high skill levels to show the new things they are
learning and are beginners, too.

We were also the first place to hold a virtual fighter’s practice at
that very event, and a fighting salle and practice similar to that
should be held, allowing our fighters to engage with each other and
discuss how they have worked to challenge themselves during the
Since we are having regular fighter practices again with appropriate
masks and social distancing, we could possibly have a small and safe
pandemic tourney, similar to the one held recently in Trimaris?

The day would include a storytelling circle for those who wish to talk
about things they have learned, missed or grown in during the pandemic,
without it being focused solely on teaching people, and would end with a
post dinner bardic revel and chat, allowing people to wind down
Since everyone has been making bread during the pandemic, I would
suggest that we could release some recipes for a bread based feast,
encouraging our populace to bake along at home so that we can be sharing
the same flavours while we celebrate.

Event Steward (SCA and Modern Name) Contact Information: Aonghus ill
ulfr - Arlen Donald - 208 600 2764 - aonghus@badwolfsca.com - 10040 West
Canterbury Drive, Boise, Idaho, 83704

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