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Saturday, November 20, 2021 - 10:00 to 22:00

November 20, 2021

The bounteous harvests have been laid away in storeroom, cellar and still room. The herds have been brought into the winter pastures. Cheeses are wrapped for aging and herbs are dry, crushed and packaged. The candles are dipped, and the wood is gathered for the hearth fires. All about are the signs of the Earth readying herself for the long winter's nap. The days have grown shorter, the nights are longer, and the nip of Jack Frost is in the air. Soon the snow will fall and cover the land in its white gown and the denizens of the kingdom will disappear into their dens and caves.

Tis time for the quiet season of the turning of the wheel, a time to relax and survey the bursting larders with pride in a harvest well done. Ladies will turn their attention to the crafts of the home; embroidery, weaving, preserving the fruits of labor. Men will gather armor and weapons to be repaired and refurbished over the winter days and nights.

Join the Barony of One Thousand Eyes in a celebration of the grand harvest and the Barony's Birthday. There will be Fighting! There will be Games! There will be Gossiping! The Powers That Be willing, there will be Feasting!
Come prepared to bask in the congeniality and goodwill of the Heart of Artemisia as The Barony marks the date of its birth.

Jason Lee Memorial United Methodist Church
168 University Ave, Blackfoot Idaho 83221
Site will open at 10:00AM Close at 10:00pm
The site is dry. Handicapped accessible.
Fundraising luncheon for contributions to the General Fund of the Barony.
Site fee: $10 Feast fee (The Gods be willing) $10.00
Attendees 17 years of age and under are Baronial guests.
(All applicable non-member surcharges apply)

Registration will be through SCARS and closes 11/13/2021

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As a reminder per direction of the Crown, Masks are required at all indoor events. Masks must be worn at all times, in all indoor spaces EXCEPT when eating, drinking or fighting. Masks may be temporarily removed when eating, drinking, or fighting but must be resumed within a reasonable timeframe.