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Friday, May 11, 2018 - 00:00 to Sunday, May 13, 2018 - 00:00

Hark! The Castle of Arrows’ Flight is under siege and calls
for help! Warriors of armor, rapier, bow and axe, we need
your might! Artisans we need your skills! And dancers,
bards, we need your spirit! Come to Castle Crusades in the southern
Province of Arrows’ Flight to help us fight off our besiegers (or be the
besiegers, that’s fun too).

There will be armored combat and rapier fighting on the castle walls,
as well as archery activities. There will be an arts and sciences display as
well as siege-preparedness classes (for both staying alive and warding off
boredom during long, besieged days). A Lunch fundraiser will be run by
Baroness Praxilla Taurina. Bring your banners and drums, and enjoy the
beautiful castle views during the day, before dancing at a hafla under the
stars. All that and much, much more await you in the southern lands of
Arrows’ Flight!

The Provo Castle Amphitheater, 1300 E Center Street, Provo, UT
84606. Site opens 12 noon Friday, May 11th and closes 12 noon Sunday,
May 13th.

Please note that the site is camping friendly and is also DRY.
Pets are welcome following usual leash rules, etc. Checks are to be made
out to SCA Inc., Province of Arrows’ Flight.

Site fees:
Adult Event Registration $20. Adult Member Discount Event
Registration $15. Youth ages 6-18 years $15 ($5 discount event registration
applies for youth members). Children ages 5 years and younger are guests
of the Province.

Take your best route to the I-15 and head for Provo Center
Street. Get off at Exit 265 and head East (towards the mountains and away
from the lake) on Provo Center Street. Follow that until you reach the State
Hospital at the base of the mountains (approx. 3 miles), go left at the
roundabout and continue toward the mountains and up the road to the
Amphitheater area. Please be aware that TEMPORARY parking is
available by the lawn but permanent parking should be done by the
camping areas or at the bottom of the hill.

Nicolina de Parre (Michelle Stoddard),
Lunch Coordinator:
Praxilla Taurina (Hastings Sanderson)