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Saturday, May 5, 2018 - 00:00

Their Excellencies, Gomez de Santander and Merin du
Bourbon, invite all gentles within hearing of their words to
attend the Barony of Arn Hold’s second annual Champions
Revel. From the earliest days of our Latin civic ancestors, May
has been a time of celebration for changing of the seasons. Independently and
cross-culturally, mid-Spring has had a special significance to mankind
who have held festivals to commemorate it. After retiring your Maypoles
for the year, come and join us as we extend the May Day celebration at
this year’s Champion’s Revel II, held for it’s second consecutive year at
the Richard Aguirre Park (990 McKenna Dr.) in Mountain Home, Idaho,
hosted by the Barony of Arn Hold, autocrated by Lord Ambrose Norwich.
At this event, the baronial Heavy fighter, Rapier, and A&S champions will
be determined as Their Royal Majesties, Highnesses,
excellencies, and retinues will witness the prowess of our noble Barony’s populace. Please
see event page for participation requirements for each tournament or
contact the Marshallate and Mistress of Arts and Sciences (MOAS).
Contact information can be found on the Baronial website. If you will like
to be a judge, please contact the MOAS.

In addition to the three championship tournaments, there will be
classes on Viking Wire Weaving and Rapier treaties, period outdoor games
such as Bocce Ball and Skittles (lawn bowling) on the Mall, and a luncheon
fundraiser comprised of mushroom pasties, chicken, fruit/cheese tray,
bread, and broccoli cheese, and potato soup prepared by m’Lady Beatrix
of Arn Hold to benefit the Thrown Weapons Guild.
Set-up will begin at 9 am. Please feel free to bring any banners or
such pageantry to festoon the field and enhance the festive environment.

Richard Aguirre Park, 990 McKenna Dr, Mountain Home, Idaho.
The site opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm. It is a wet site, please be
responsible with glass containers. Pets are not allowed (on or off leash).

Site fees:
Adult Event Registration is $12; Adult Member Discount Event
Registration is $7. Minors 17 and under are free.

Feast fee: $7 per ticket.
Make checks payable to SCA, Inc., Barony of Arn Hold.

From Boise, Richard Aguire Park (AKA the pool park) is
located off of I-84 Exit 90; drive ~3.5 miles to 10th North St. (the Sinclair
fueling station), turn left, and the park will be on your right in about two

Ambrose Norwich (James Packer); 208-598-5709
packerej@gmail.com or Facebook Messenger

Beatrix of Arn Hold (Pamela Dockstader)

Magister 1:
Beatrix of Arn Hold (Pamela Dockstader)

Magister 2:

Knight Marshal:
HE Sir Balenor Blackmere (Dave Stuart)

HE Mistress Giliana Atwatyr (Shelly Wolf)