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Constantinople no more.... Istanbal it is!!

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Friday, May 17, 2019 - 00:45 to Sunday, May 19, 2019 - 00:00

Constantinople no more.... Istanbul it is!!!

In May of 1453 the capital of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, was invaded by an Ottoman army. The commander of the Ottoman army was a 21 yr old Sultan Mehmed II. Defending the City was Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos. Constantinople or Istanbul, what side are you on? The Shire of Stonegate wants to know!

On May 17th to the 19th the Shire of Stonegate will be hosting their first camping event. This will be at the Mink Creek Group site. 12 miles south of Pocatello, ID in the Caribou National forest / Scout Mountain recreation area. Caribou Targee National Forest, Forest Rd 1232, Pocatello, ID 83204

Directions; 1-15 ext 63; head south on N Fort Hall Mine Rd, first right on w Portneuf Rd to the next stop sign at Mink Creek rd/Bannock Hwy, turn left on to Mink creek rd, you will be traveling south on Mink Creek Rd for 3 miles. From the ext to the site it is 7.8 miles

The site opens at 5:00 pm on Friday May 17th and closes on Sunday May 19th. Site fee is $15 for members and $20 for non-members. Those 15 and under are guests of the shire. Please make checks
out to The Shire of Stonegate, SCA, Inc.

The planned activities will be based on either Byzantine or Ottoman history. There will be classes held (if you are interested in teaching a class please contact the event steward), an artesian display, half dozen larges tourney, Heavy and Rapier fighting.

Those that would be interested in hosting children activities please contact the event stewards

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the artesian display and larges tourney (they do not need to be Byzantine or Ottoman in nature). Let's show off that hard work that is being done during this long winter. As the time gets closer to the event a class schedule will be posted.

Co-Events Stewards;
Khynika Niclasova-vnuchka (Jessica Ashley) Khynikaniclasovavnuchka@gmail.com or PM via facebook
Caillach Dhe'bean Tigernaich (Starr Reardon) starr.cross.reardon@gmail.com