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Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 00:00

Blow the horns and let the trumpets call, shout it and wide
and listen all Daring and Dutiful Fighters and Artisan's of
the Barony - Your New Baron and Baroness have need of
your skills. This past year our Champions have defended us but now are
growing weary. The Great Demon Decapod is once again threatening our
shores, challenging the might of our warriors and artisans and the resolve
of our Baron and Baroness. The time has come to find the New Defenders
of the Great Brine Shrimp and to recognize their Shrimp Bait on both the
heavy and rapier field, our Arts and Sciences Defender and Champion as
well as our youth Arts and Sciences Champion and Youth Defender. Arts
and Sciences Championship is to be held by Her Ladyship Maysun
Isfahaniyya, the Heavy Championship to be run by Simon of the Black
Hand, and Rapier Defender by Master Elyas Tigar.

7486 Union Park Ave, Midvale, UT 84047. Site opens at 9:00 am
and closes at 10:00 pm. The site is discreetly damp. Please leave no trace
of alcohol containers. A feast is being prepared by Her Ladyship Maysun

Site fees:
Adult Event Registration is $15 for adults. Adult Member Discount Event
Registration is $10. Children under 16 years of age will be guests of the

Feast fee: Feast fee is $10 per person for guests 12 years and older. Feast
is limited to 100 reservations. Feast fees are to be paid at the door. Please
send feast reservations and allergy concerns to deputy-exchequer@loch-
salann.org no later than 2/16/2019.
Make checks payable to SCA Inc., Barony of Loch Salann.

7486 Union Park Ave, Midvale, UT 84047.
Take your best route to Union Park Avenue (Exit 9) on I-215 in
Midvale. Take Union Park Avenue South for approximately 1 mile. The
church will be on the right.

Lord Dirck de Jager, Hunter Vanzeben,
Phone: 801-404-3327; email: Iambored600@gmail.com

Feast Steward:
HL Maysun Isfahaniyya, (Andrea Balla),
Phone: 801-815- 9357; email: moas@loch-salann.org

Minister of Arts & Sciences:
HL Maysun Isfahaniyya (Andrea Balla)
Phone: 801-815- 9357; email: moas@loch-salann.org