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Saturday, February 27, 2021 - 00:00

As we wait out this time of separation we begin to prepare for the time of togetherness.

Fighters, make ready your arms and armor, battle may yet loom before you as we hear rumors of that which swims below in the brine.

Artisans, prepare thy crafts and wares for the season of trade approaches, and our kingdom can make visible our skills.

Gamers and strategists, prepare you dice, the backgammon boards are to be laid out.

Bards, the court asks for entertainment, please share with us your art as you portray the story of the great demon dodecapod and its subsequent rise and defeat!

Save the date, for it is the end of this month February 27th.

Expected/Themed classes/events
Youth entertainment and games-Aleah DeSpencer (confirmed)
Backgammon Tourney-unknown host

Arms/armor clean and preparation?
3-4 other slots/classes

Event Type: