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Feast of St. Pyr's

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Saturday, April 10, 2021 - 00:00

Though the dark, cold of winter is lifting, the good gentles of Cote du Ciel and friends find their food supplies are slim, the hearth fires are flickering low, and moods are not improving as the quarantine from the great plague continues. We have heard legends of a great Saint roaming these lands in past years, bringing respite to the suffering. We are beginning to wonder, will the legendary St. Pyr appear to ease our long suffering and bring the promise of fire and pancakes to our stricken lands?

Join Cote du Ciel as we wield silly weapons to fight off our bad moods, elevate the Arts and Sciences with classes, select new Shire Bard and A&S Champions, and sit together sharing a plate of pancakes. It is our hope St. Pyr will join our fun and provide warmth, frivolity, and fluffy pancakes. We could all use more pancakes.