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Gallow Games: The Save the Griffin

Friday, May 10, 2019 (All day) to Sunday, May 12, 2019 (All day)

Your Majesties and Illustrious Nobles of the Realm,

Our scouts have reported an invasion of Red Northern Griffins from Avacal in our northern forests.
The cold winter has pushed these foul beasts out of their realms and into the lands populated by our
beloved Golden Griffins. Something must be done! As such, I have assigned members of the shire to
build a base camp from which we shall venture out to slay these mighty beasts and harvest their pelts
and feathers. To celebrate the hunt, we shall be having games and an arts and sciences tournament.
Also, it has come time to choose new archery, thrown weapons and arts and sciences champions.

The archery competition will include a woods hunt with 3D animals including the rare and dangerous
Red Griffin as well as a Royal Round. The thrown weapons range will have targets for knife, spear and
axe as well as the mysterious Swinging Yak (looking for love in all the wrong kingdom). We hope to
see you there!

Yours in Service,
Geofry, Lead Scout, Garrison of Crystal Crags

Fees: Adult fee (16 and up) $20 for weekend and $15 for day, Children 15 and under free.
Blue Membership Card must be shown at gate for a $5 member discount.

Site address: 48804 Lake Mary Ronan Road, Proctor MT 59929

Directions: Take Hwy 93 South from Kalispell or North from Polson to the Lake Mary Ronan turnoff.
Drive 5 miles toward lake and turn right onto property.

Autocrat: Geofry (Kyle Glass) 406-253-4481