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Saturday, October 13, 2018 (All day)

Greetings good gentles! Cold winds and shorter days mean
that winter is approaching the fair lands of Artemisia, and
it is time once more to gather in the Barony of Sentinels’
Keep, where we shall rejoice in the fruits of a bountiful season at our annual
Harvest Court celebration, held this year on October 13, 2018, in the fair
community of Anaconda, MT. There will be feasting. There will be
fighting. There will be tournaments for Armored and Rapier fighters.
There will be social gatherings. There will be classes. There will be
merriment and fellowship, and your presence is desired.

Plans for this year’s festivities are to spend the day in Washoe Park,
under the trees and in our lovely pavilions, fighting, or watching the
fighting, and enjoying the autumn in the mountains of Montana. We will
have plenty of room, so pop-ups and day shades are most welcome. We
will have a class or two to tempt the artisan folk. We will have Kubb, and
the Game of the Goose for fun and bards aplenty for merriment.

We will be hosting a Largesse Derby for Their Excellencies of
Sentinels’ Keep. Artisans are encouraged to bring 6 items for display for
the populace. We will have a populace choice on the best item, and the
winner will get to keep one of each item.

For the evening, we shall retire to the inside comfort of the Hope
Lutheran Church just around the corner, which will also serve as our
location should the weather turn. Evening Court will be followed by a
Feast to satisfy the masses.

Harvest Court is where the Barony holds tournaments for our Baronial
Champions for both Armored and Rapier Fighters. Current Armored
Champion, His Lordship, Magnus Stonesetter, is planning a tournament
sure to be a challenge to even the noblest of Knights. Her Ladyship Sofia
Ivarsdottir, our current Rapier Champion, will host the Rapier
Championship. All fighters are welcome; Champions must be members
of Northern Artemisia (Montana).

Lunch will be a soup lunch offered as a Baronial fundraiser by Lady
Ísgerðr Bjargeyjardóttir. We will have coffee, water, drinks, fruit and
vegetables also available. Donations will be graciously accepted. The
Feast will be prepared by our lovely Baroness herself, Banbharun
Caointiarn, who is working on the menu and plans right now. Stay tuned
for more details.

Site: This event will be held at the Washoe Park, 1020 W Pennsylvania
St, Anaconda, MT, and/or the Hope Lutheran Church, 1506 W
Pennsylvania St, Anaconda, MT. Site opens at 8 am, and closes at 9 pm.
Site is handicap accessible. Park is fine for pets; must be on leashes.
Church is open to service animals only. The park is Damp. The church is

Site fees: Adult Event Registration $15; Adult Member Discount Event
Registration $10. All youth under 18 years old are guests of the Barony.
Family Cap $25 ($5 non-member surcharges apply.)
Lunch Fundraiser: $5 suggested donation.
Feast fee: $10 per person. Children under 6 years old eat free as guests of
the Barony.
Please make checks out to SCA Inc., Barony of Sentinels’ Keep.

Directions: Take your best route to Anaconda, MT. Entering Anaconda
from the east on Commercial Avenue, continue through Anaconda, until
it becomes a 2-way street again. Turn right onto Sycamore Street. West
Pennsylvania Street is the next street you will encounter. Hope Lutheran
Church is one block up to the left, and Washoe Park is straight ahead on
the right.

Event Steward:
Lady Ísgerðr Bjargeyjardóttir (mka Cheri Lambert)
406-899-7175; email: Isgerthr@gmail.com
Steward in Training: m’Lady Ceridwen (mka Christina Stewart)