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Thursday, June 28, 2018 (All day) to Sunday, July 1, 2018 (All day)

This year Hellsgate will be held at a new site! Come and help
us break it in and see if it will measure up to be our new
Hellsgate home! While the water slide is gone, the Beaverhead River runs
along the entire side of the site.

Saturday, the Thrown Weapons and Archery competition will be
held for the Baronial Championship.All are welcome to participate but
the Champion must be from Northern Artemisia (MT). The reasoning
behind this is that Their Excellencies champions need to be available to
them and to stand court, particularly at MT events. Some of the activities
include: Archery, thrown weapons, Rapier Tournaments (single and
groups), Heavy Fighting Tournaments (single and groups), Melees (Rapier
and Heavy), A&S display, and fun, fun, fun!!

Saturday after fighting, there will be a Viking boat derby. There will
be two prize categories: Race Winner and Authenticity. The boats can be
made of anything, but they must look like Viking boats. They don’t have
to be perfect; depends on which category you hope to win! Depending on
the number of entries, there will be more than one run. For the kids there
will be a race with their own boats! All boats will need to be built at home,
so you have plenty of time to design and make the fastest, best boat!! It’s
all about the fun!

There will be a Fantastically, Fabulous, Fun, Family Friendly Filk
Festival again this year. Rules are the same as last year. Let the Steward
know if you will be competing. There will be a prize for individual and
team winners. Read rules below!

Smith Park, 1190 Ten Mile Rd., Dillon, MT 59725. Site opens at
noon on Thursday, June 28th and closes at noon, Sunday, July 1st.

Hellsgate will be held near Dillon, MT., just ¾ miles from town. So all
amenities will be nearby. There is a KOA just up the road before you get
to site if anyone with RV’s wants hook ups. There is NO potable water -
you must bring your own water. Personal showers allowed. Pets are

allowed, but must be on leash and or under control at all times. Cleaning
up after your pet is YOUR responsibility. There will be one large fire pit
for the encampment. Cooking sources and propane fire pits must be above
ground 12” and require a fire extinguisher nearby and visible at every tent.

Site is wet; no shade. Also chance of insects due to proximity of
water; repellent recommended. Smoking is allowed, but care must be taken
regardless of conditions; no butts on the ground EVER. Handicapped

Site fees:
Adult Event Registration is $25; Adult Event Member Discount
Registration is $20.
Youth ages 16 and under are free. Family cap at $60.
Day trip is $10 per day for members, $15 for non members.
Make checks payable to SCA, Inc., Barony of Sentinels’ Keep.

Site opens at noon on Thursday, June 28. There will be games
and shenanigans planned for the evening. Activities include: Children’s
activities Friday & Saturday afternoon, Saturday rapier and heavy fighting,
Baronial Archery and Thrown weapons championship. Site closes at noon
on Sunday, July 1st. Schedule specifics will be announced soon on

Make your best way to Dillon, MT. Take exit 63 into Dillon.
From the north follow the exit around to the left and from the south to the
right which will put you on N Interchange Rd. Turn right onto Swenson
Way, turn right onto W Bannock Way for a short way, and then turn left
onto S Bozeman St. Take a 45 degree right turn onto W Park St. Continue
on W Park and it turns into 10 Mile Rd. Site is on the left.

Fantastically, Fabulous, Fun, Family Friendly Filk Festival!!!
Join us Saturday night at HELLSGATE, June 28 - July 1, Barony of
Sentinels’ Keep, for an evening filled with fun, entertainment, unmatched
talent, and fierce competition! The Third Annual Fantastically, Fabulous,
Fun, Family Friendly Filk Festival!!! Your filk must be to a tune of a
60’s song!! There are some great ones out there so choose wisely
Grasshopper! (A filk is lyrics written to the tune of another song that people
are familiar with. In this case, lyrics about the SCA or a medieval theme).

The filk must be original and never before performed.
The performance may be done by an individual or a team.
There are 6 ways to earn points:
♫ Judges Choice: There will be 3 judges who will score each performance
from one to 5.
♫ Audience Favorite: Each person will receive 1 pony bead to vote for
their favorite. The performer with the most pony beads gets 1 point.
These categories get 1 point regardless of multiple uses of any.
♫ Costume or Props: You may use either and will receive 1 point for the use.
♫ Choreography: You will get 1 point for any choreography.
♫ Theme: You will get 1 point for using a 60’s song for your filk.
♫ Audience participation:
You will get 1 point for getting the audience involved in anyway.
The most points that can be won is 20. In the case of a tie, each individual
or team will be given 15 minutes to create a verse to their song
incorporating a theme they will be given. Audience applause will determine
the winner.
Remember this is G rated!

Event Steward:
Baroness Illora of the west lea (Cindie Kalan-Green)
406-560-3734; email: wldflwr_ckg@hotmail.com