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Thursday, July 19, 2018 - 00:00 to Sunday, July 22, 2018 - 00:00

Ladies and Gentlelords! Nobles of all ages! Presenting for
the first time anywhere a spectacle as of yet unbeheld by any
man, woman, or child. For the first time ever; for the Glory and Honor of
Artemisia, we give you:

THE KING’S ROAD: The Barons’ War
This new event serves the entire Kingdom of Artemisia for a summer-
time camping extravaganza. The Barony of Loch Salann promises you a
long weekend of fun and excitement as we prepare our King and Queen
for a campaign to faraway lands in search of glory and treasures. Join us
as we gather the resources needed to meet any potential challengers on the
treacherous campaign trail, from snakebites to disease to the occasional
Saracen warrior.
The event will host two days of activities, including:
♦ Kingdom Archery and Thrown Weapons Championships
♦ Fighting Tournaments and Scenarios for both Armored and Rapier Combatants
♦ A Two-Day Arts & Sciences Collegium and Display of Dreams Artisan Showcase
♦ A Full Slate of Youth Activities and Youth Combat Symposium
♦ More to Come! Stay up-to-date by visiting http://www.lochsalann.org/

Curlew Campground, Forest Road 015, Holbrook ID (located
approximately 10 miles south of Holbrook, Idaho / 7 miles north of
Snowville UT).
GPS: 42.069961388322, -112.69161164761
Site opens at 2 pm on Thursday, July 19th. Site closes at a very strict 12
noon on Sunday, July 22. The site is ADA compliant and allows pets and

Site fees:
Full Event:
Adult Event Registration is $35;
Adult Member Discount Event Registration is $30.

Saturday Only:
Adult Event Registration is $20;
Adult Member Discount Event Registration is $15.
Minors 17 years and under are guests of the Barony.
Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc., Barony of Loch Salann.


From the South:
Take the Snowville, Utah, exit off Interstate 84, northwest
of Tremonton. Continue north on the paved highway for 6.5 miles. Turn
left (north) at the Curlew Campground sign, then go another half-mile on
a gravel road to the campground.

From the North:
From Holbrook, Idaho, travel 24 miles west of Malad
and continue south for 7.5 miles on the paved highway. Turn right (west)
following the same highway and go almost 2 miles to the Curlew
Campground turnoff. Turn right (north) on gravel road and go a half-mile
to the campground.

Event Stewards:
Lady Marguerite Delemontagne (Ashley Aedo); 501-960-0609
email: ashley.aedo@gmail.com
Lord Yamanouchi Eidou (Andrew Aedo); 530-635-7880
email: andrew.aedo@gmail.com