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Northern Summer Faire - Collaboration of all Northern groups

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Thursday, July 25, 2019 - 00:00 to Sunday, July 28, 2019 - 00:00

Collaboration of all Northern groups – Barony of Sentinels’ Keep Sponsor
July 25-28, Smith Park, 1190 Ten Mile Rd., Dillon, MT 59725

Come and join the North in a new event that includes the participation of all northern groups. Barony of
Sentinels’ Keep has chosen to give up Hellsgate and Silver Keep has chosen to give up Courtly Graces in an effort to build
a single, bigger, better event. All the northern groups will collaborate together to make Northern Summer Faire a fun,
all-inclusive event for the whole family! This year will be our trial run.

Saturday, the Thrown Weapons and Archery competition will be held for the Baronial Championship. All are
welcome to participate but the Champion must be from Northern Artemisia (MT). The reasoning behind this is that Their
Excellencies champions need to be available to them and to stand court, particularly at MT events.
Some of the activities include: archery, thrown weapons, Rapier Tournaments (single and groups), Armored
Fighting Tournaments (single and groups), Melees (Rapier and Armored).
A&S display requires a paragraph or two about what it is and what you did. That will serve as documentation.
The Baroness’ Tea will be held at the A&S pavilion Saturday during the display.

Schedule: Site open at noon on Thursday, July 25. There will be games and shenanigans planned for the evening.
Activities include: Children’s activities Friday & Saturday afternoon, Saturday rapier and heavy fighting, Baronial Archery
and Thrown weapons championship. Site closes at noon on Sunday, July 28.
Schedule specifics will be announced soon on Facebook!!!
Site: near Dillon, just ¾ miles from town. So all amenities will be nearby. There is a KOA just up the road before you get
to site if anyone with RV’s wants hook ups. There is NO potable water on site. The only water is on the owner’s property
up the road. You are welcome to take jugs and fill them yourself, but it might be easier to bring your own water.
Personal showers allowed.
Pets are allowed, but must be on leashed and/or under control at all times. Cleaning up after your pet is YOUR
responsibility. There will be one large fire pit for the encampment. Cooking sources and propane fire pits must be above
ground 12” and require a fire extinguisher nearby and visible at every tent. Site is wet; no shade. Also chance of insects
due to proximity of water, repellent recommended; Smoking allowed, but care must be taken regardless of conditions;
no butts on the ground EVER. Handicapped accessible.
Make your best way to Dillon MT. Take exit 63 into Dillon. From the north follow the exit around to the left and from the
south to the right which will put you on N Interchange Rd. Turn right onto Swenson Way, Right onto W Bannock Way for
a short way and left onto S Bozeman St. Take a 45 degree right turn onto W Park St. Continue on W Park and it turns into
10 Mile Rd. Site is on the left.

Fees: Adults $25.00, $5 DISCOUNT FOR MEMBERS! Youth 15 and under free. Family cap at $60. D
Day trip is $13 per day for members, $15 for non-members.