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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 00:00 to Sunday, June 17, 2018 - 00:00

WHAT DO WE WANT?!!!! WAR!!!!! And shopping...
Hear Ye, Hear Ye, All goode people and denizens of the
Known World alike! It is never too early to prepare for WAR!!! After the
cold has fled our lands and the Sun is approaching its zenith, Uprising War
will once again be held in the Barony of One Thousand Eyes in the
Kingdom of Artemisia June 13th through June 17th, 2018. There will be
fighting, exhibitions of skill, tournaments and competitions of all sorts to
delight the eyes and hearts of the populace. There will be merchants
purveying wonderful goods for the satisfaction of shopping desires. There
will be teachers sharing their expertise and knowledge for the edification
of all souls. There will be a service auction with something to tempt
everyone. There will be nights of music and camaraderie around the
campfires for all to enjoy. Come celebrate 31 years of Uprising Tradition
in the Heart of Artemisia!
Due to some Kingdom requirements on Pre-registration, pre-reg for
Uprising will be handle in a totally different way than in the previous years.
You will still be able to make advanced reservations for you and your
group. Everything will be conducted the same as before with the following
exception -- NO money will be accepted prior to the event. Any monies
sent to us in advance, will be returned to the sender. Site fees will be
collected at the gate and checks should be made payable to SCA Inc.,
Barony of One Thousand Eyes. Reservation forms will be on website.

800 N. 880 E., Shelley, ID 83274. Site opens at noon, Wednesday,
June 13th and closes at noon, Sunday, June 17th.

Site fees:
Adult Event Registration is $40; Adult Member Discount Event
Registration is $35. Minors ages 7-17 are $30.
Family cap - $120 (non-members add $5 surcharge for each adult).
Gate fees:
Adult Event Registration fee is $50;
Adult Member Discount Event Registration is $45.
Minors are $40; Family cap $160 (non-members add $5 surcharge for
each adult).
Weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun):
$25; non-member surcharge applies.
Day Trip:
Adult Event Registration - $20;
Adult Member Discount Event Registration - $15.
Make checks payable to SCA, Inc., Barony of 1000 Eyes.
Premium Parking:
$10 per space.

Directions to Site:
Take your best route to Interstate 15 in Idaho. Take
Exit 108 (Shelley) and turn towards Shelley (east). Go approximately 3
miles to the stoplight. This is US 91. Turn right (south) at this light. Go
about 4.7 miles on Hwy 91 South. You will turn left (east) at 800 N/ Goshen
Road, just past the row of 10 silos on your left (this is the Idaho Supreme
factory). Travel about 2.5 miles on this road. The site will be on your left,
where a large power line crosses the road.

Event Steward:
HE Symonne de St Maur des Fossez
(Adele Mendoza)
Co Steward: HE Tomas de Mallorca (Tom Mendoza)
1049 Diablo, Pocatello, ID 83201
Stay updated by visiting the uprisingwar.com site!
Coming February 1st!