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Thursday, August 16, 2018 (All day) to Sunday, August 19, 2018 (All day)

Travel to the Northern Realms for the last celebration of
summer camping season! Join the Barony of Sentinels’ Keep
and the Shire of Stan Wyrm at Williamson Park in Shelby
Montana and celebrate in jubilant Northern style as Hordes from Avacal
cross the border once again to celebrate our friendship.

The Autocrat team is planning activities for 2 full days of merriment
and contests! There will be Armored battles, on the middle field, and into
the woods! Rapier will also have battle scenes and tournaments to
determine who is the best. For the Arts & Sciences minded persons, we
are planning to have classes, and a Baroness’ Tea to display your projects.
Archery is a mainstay at this event, and there will be animal targets, Royal
Rounds, and possibly a competition. There will be organized children
activities, and hopefully a practice of Youth Combat!

Site: Williamson Park, 72 Williamson Park Road, Shelby, MT 59474.
Gate opens Thursday at 12:00 noon, August 16th and closes Sunday at
12:00 noon, August 19th. The site is south of Shelby, Montana on the
Marias River. At this time of year, the Marias is a wonderfully slowmoving
river that has room for wading & swimming. Parents are asked
to keep a mindful eye on their children. There are shade trees, an area for
RV’s, a permanent playground, and a permanent building for toilet & fresh
water. Fire restrictions will be dependent on Seasonal USFS restrictions.

Fees: Adult {age 16 years +} Event Registration fee for the weekend:
$25.00 USD. Adult Member Discount Event Registration for the weekend:
$20.00 USD.
Children, aged 6 years through 15 years old: $5.00, both for the weekend
& day trip.
6 Day trip fees for Friday or Saturday $15 each day; Day trip with
membership discount: $10.00 each day. There will be a Family cap of
$45.00 for the full weekend. Non-members add $5 per adult surcharge.

Make checks payable to: SCA Inc., Barony of Sentinels’ Keep.

Directions: Take your best route on I-15 to Shelby Montana. Take exit
358 and follow the road south 1 mile to the Williamson Park Road. Turn
left (east). This will be a dirt road. Signs will be posted to guide travelers.
If you cross the river, you have gone too far. Shelby is 7 miles north of
the site, and has groceries, gas, hotels and other necessities.
GPS: 48 25’ 31.90” N, 111 52’ 33.44” W

Event Staff:
Autocrat: Banbharun Caointiarn (Karen Ostrowski)
phone: 406-493-0779; email: couchantlion@gmail.com
Knight Marshal: Lord Odde ap Tam, (Joseph Park)
Archery Marshal: Lady Isgerthr (Cheri Lambert); Isgerthr@gmail.com
MoAS: HL Gracia Redhawk (Pam Hagen); sca-redhawk@yahoo.com