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Arn Hold

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Lady Ursula de Strattone
Baroness Dame Varia Goffe
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Boise, Meridian, Nampa, ID


Hear Ye Hear Ye, good Populous of Artemisia. The Barony of Arn Hold cordially invites to you come and celebrate the six-month anniversary of their Royal Majesties Yuri and Sumayya’s reign. Come help us celebrate this glorious day on March 2nd in the village of Star. We will have festivities, contests, food and entertainment to make it a day to remember.

Emmett County Fairgrounds 4H building
2199 south Johns Ave, Emmett Idaho


Good Tidings to all Artemisia, it is time for Arn Hold's
Annual Masked Ball! This year's theme is “Wear Your
Colors”, your chance to display your heraldry in your finest. Come join us
for an evening of dancing, mirth, and merriment. We will have live music,
desserts, tavern games and the following competitions:
*Best Heraldic Mask
*Lord and Lady of Color, in each of the heraldic colors
*Bard of Arn Hold
The fundraiser will be a silent auction for goods and services donated by
the populace of Arn Hold.


Friends of old and newcomers all, we would like to invite
you to join the Barony of Arn Hold at Hope Lutheran
Church on November 3rd for a Newcomers Celebration!
With our harvest successfully brought in before the winter snows, it’s a
perfect time celebrate the bounty of our fields and welcome newfound
friends to the Barony.


Good day, travelers! As the fine weather of Artemisian
summer encourages you to voyage to the far reaches of our
Kingdom, and beyond, you are welcome to break your
wandering in Arn Hold, at Journey to Raptor War. Alongside our mighty
snakelike river will be a safe haven for travelers of all types and times,
whether you be pilgrim, soldier, merchant, explorer, or on the run. The
days will be filled with activities for all interested travelers and the nights
with revelry! Feel free to travel light with victuals, as Saturday the 25th,


Their Excellencies, Gomez de Santander and Merin du
Bourbon, invite all gentles within hearing of their words to
attend the Barony of Arn Hold’s second annual Champions
Revel. From the earliest days of our Latin civic ancestors, May
has been a time of celebration for changing of the seasons. Independently and
cross-culturally, mid-Spring has had a special significance to mankind
who have held festivals to commemorate it. After retiring your Maypoles
for the year, come and join us as we extend the May Day celebration at