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Group Type: 
HE Zalkuubar
HE Sionainn Padraig Caimbeul (Jason Tanner)
HE Malatesta Simonetti (Patience Hallda)
Baroness Email: 
Davis, Weber, and Morgan Counties

Quest 2019: Journey to the East

Sun Wukong (The Monkey King) has gravely insulted their Excellencies’ and caused mischief in the lands of Gryphon’s Lair and escaped back to the far east. Their Excellencies’ Owen and Malkin call their greatest champions in their lands to crusade to the east and retrieve the Sun Wukong to face justice for his crimes. Come out and enjoy this three-day event filled with camping and activities.

Weary travellers - Friday night the Baroness will provide soup for all weary travellers so they need not worry about cooking their first night in camp.

12th Night

Join the Baron and Baroness Gryphon’s Lair and crew of
the Jamison as we celebrate a successful year of plundering.
I mean acquiring goods from other locations. Come and enjoy a nice
relaxing day of learning, gaming, and good company. We will be having
classes during the day followed by a potluck soup dinner to round out the
evening. The Barony will be holding our Bardic and A&S Championships.
Come and display your art and test your Bardic skills with the members
of the Gryphon’s Lair.

MIDGE MARSH MELEE Academy of the Sword South 2018

People of Gryphon’s Lair stand and cheer for the time of
Midge Marsh Melee is here! Champions will be born! New
friendships will be made! Fun will be had by one and all! Our new Baron
and Baroness demand champions from amongst Their people and will be
hosting grand tournaments to help with Their search. Tournaments will be
held to find new Baronial champions in the fields of heavy and rapier
fighting. Test your skill against all others in the Lair and delight the populace.
To prepare Their Excellencies Owen and Malkin for the upcoming


Join the Barony of Gryphon’s Lair for our Quest for the
Holy Grail. There will be a Soup Kitchen Friday night
included in the site fee so you don’t have to worry about
food after setting up your camp. A Burger Burn is scheduled for Saturday.
A 100 Arrow shoot, Royal Round Archery, Armored Buy – a – Knight
Fundraiser, Rapier Fighting, Bardic, and an Arts and Sciences
Championship for the Barony are also planned along with Thrown
weapons, QUESTING, Fun, games, and PRIZES.