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Award Name:

Award IDAward NameAward RankRegisteredClosed
2Acorn of BronzehelmNon-armigerous10
3Alces AmiciNon-armigerous00
5Amethyst ChaliceNon-armigerous10
6Anvil of BronzehelmNon-armigerous10
7Argent HartAward of Arms10
8Argent Palm of TrimarisNon-armigerous10
9Argent PlumeNon-armigerous10
10Arma VolansNon-armigerous00
11Artemisian Order of GraceNon-armigerous01
12Aspen of CaertheNon-armigerous00
13Ass's EndNon-armigerous00
14Ass's ManeNon-armigerous00
15Astral FogNon-armigerous10
16Augmentation of AchievementNon-armigerous00
17Augmentation of ArmsAward of Arms10
18Award of ArmsBlank AoA10
19Award of PawsNon-armigerous00
20Azure Archers of AtenveldtAward of Arms10
21Baby Gryphon's FeatherNon-armigerous00
22banBheran's FavorNon-armigerous00
23Bard's LaureateNon-armigerous00
24Baroness' Favor [White Waters]Non-armigerous00
25Baroness' Favor [Three Mountains]Non-armigerous00
26Baroness' OracleNon-armigerous00
27Baroness's Favor [Wealdsmere]Non-armigerous00
28Baronial BrownieNon-armigerous00
29Baronial FavourNon-armigerous00
30Baron's Favor [Glymm Mere]Non-armigerous00
31Baron's Favor [Three Mountains]Non-armigerous00
32Blasted OakNon-armigerous10
33Blasted TreeNon-armigerous10
34Blue GloveNon-armigerous10
35Boga FyrdNon-armigerous10
36Bowman's MarkNon-armigerous00
37Companion of the BriarNon-armigerous10
38Golden BridleGrant of Arms10
41Cercle d'HonneurNon-armigerous10
42Cheval d'OrAward of Arms10
43Chevalier Baronia GloriaNon-armigerous00
45Citizen of Gleann AbhannNon-armigerous00
46Claves ArtemisiaeNon-armigerous10
47Coeur d'ElanNon-armigerous10
48Combattant MooseNon-armigerous10
49Commander of the Fleur de SoleilGrant of Arms10
50Commander of the Guardians of AtenveldtAward of Arms10
51Commander of the Queen's GraceGrant of Arms10
52Companion of Minstrels (of Sentinels' Keep)Non-armigerous00
53Companion of the TriadsNon-armigerous00
54Company of SojournersNon-armigerous10
55Company of the Silver SilkieNon-armigerous10
56Order of the Coral BranchAward of Arms10
57Corde de Guerre of CaidNon-armigerous10
58Cordon RoyalNon-armigerous10
59Cornerstone of the KeepNon-armigerous00
60Corolla ViteaNon-armigerous10
62Court BaronyGrant of Arms00
63Crab ClawNon-armigerous10
64Crane's HonorNon-armigerous00
65CrescentGrant of Arms10
66Crescent SwordAward of Arms10
67Crystal HeartNon-armigerous10
68Crystal of Glymm MereNon-armigerous10
69Crystal of the Salt WastesAward of Arms10
70Crystal SwanNon-armigerous00
71CygnusAward of Arms10
72Cynaguan GuardNon-armigerous00
73Cynaguan Medal of HonorNon-armigerous00
74Cynaguan Order of GraceNon-armigerous00
75Defenders of the CitadelGrant of Arms10
76Defender of the White ScarfGrant of Arms10
78Défenseurs de l'Ordre du PapillonGrant of Arms10
79Den Grimme AelingNon-armigerous00
80Dolphin of CaidAward of Arms10
82Dragon's HeartGrant of Arms10
83Dragon's TearsNon-armigerous10
84Dragon's TeethNon-armigerous10
86Eagle's FeatherNon-armigerous10
87Eleanor's BalanceNon-armigerous00
88Elm Leaf of Myrgan WoodNon-armigerous10
89Empty ShellNon-armigerous10
90Ermine and GauntletNon-armigerous10
91Ermine and QuillNon-armigerous10
93Eye of the SwanNon-armigerous01
94Fabrica Ars NivilisNon-armigerous00
95Fellowship of Saint Francis of Loch SalannNon-armigerous10
96Fer de MolineNon-armigerous10
97Fettered CraneNon-armigerous10
98Flame of PharosNon-armigerous10
99Fledge CraneNon-armigerous00
100Fleur de SoleilAward of Arms10
101Fleur of ÆthelmearcGrant of Arms10
102FlowerGrant of Arms10
103Flower of ChivalryNon-armigerous00
104Fons AnimaeNon-armigerous10
106Founding Baron One Thousand EyesNon-armigerous00
107Founding Baroness One Thousand EyesNon-armigerous00
109Friendly CastleNon-armigerous10
110Gallant (Wealdsmere)Non-armigerous00
111Gentle DragonNon-armigerous10
112Gilded Leaf of CaertheNon-armigerous10
113Gilded ReedNon-armigerous10
114Gilded Thimble (Calafia)Non-armigerous00
115Gilded ThornNon-armigerous00
116Golden AlceAward of Arms10
117Golden BadgerNon-armigerous11
118Golden BlossomNon-armigerous10
119Golden DolphinGrant of Arms10
120Golden Feather of ArtemisiaNon-armigerous11
121Golden Gryphon's TalonAward of Arms10
122Golden LinkNon-armigerous10
123Golden LyreNon-armigerous10
124Golden Maple LeafAward of Arms10
125Golden OakNon-armigerous00
126Golden OspreyNon-armigerous10
127Golden PillarAward of Arms10
128Golden Reflection of Loch SalannNon-armigerous10
129Golden ScarfAward of Arms10
130Golden Sun in SplendourGrant of Arms10
131Golden TorcNon-armigerous00
132Golden TridentNon-armigerous10
133Gordian KnotNon-armigerous10
134Goutté de SangGrant of Arms10
136Grail of GraceNon-armigerous11
137Grant of ArmsBlank GoA10
138Gratia et ComitasNon-armigerous10
139Grey BeardNon-armigerous10
140Gryphon and AxeNon-armigerous10
141Gryphon and BowNon-armigerous10
142Gryphon and CandleNon-armigerous10
143Gryphon and FranciscaAward of Arms10
144Gryphon and HammerNon-armigerous10
145Gryphon and HearthNon-armigerous00
146Gryphon and PheonAward of Arms10
147Gryphon and TabletNon-armigerous10
148Gryphon of ArtemisiaGrant of Arms00
149Gryphons CoveyNon-armigerous00
150Gryphons EyeAward of Arms10
151Order of the Gryphon's Heart of Artemisia2Non-armigerous00
152Order of the Gryphon's Heart of Artemisia3Non-armigerous00
153Gryphon's JewelsNon-armigerous00
154Gryphon's PheonAward of Arms01
155Gryphon's PrideNon-armigerous00
156Tête de Mort et la Fleur de LysNon-armigerous00
157Gryphon's Talon of ArtemisiaAward of Arms11
158Guardian of the KeepNon-armigerous00
159Guildmaster of FenceGrant of Arms00
160Harp ArgentAward of Arms10
161Hawk's LureAward of Arms10
162Heart of the KeepNon-armigerous00
163Heart of Three MountainsNon-armigerous00
165Herald ExtraordinaryNon-armigerous00
167Hippocampus (Illiton)Non-armigerous00
168Hope of Arn HoldNon-armigerous00
169House of the Serpent's TorqueNon-armigerous00
170Illuminated Tower of DreiburgenNon-armigerous10
171Iron Talon of One Thousand EyesNon-armigerous10
173Jambe de LionGrant of Arms10
174Jewel of AlcesAward of Arms00
175Jewel of the KeepNon-armigerous10
176Key CrossGrant of Arms10
177KeystoneAward of Arms10
178King's CouncilNon-armigerous00
179Kings FavorNon-armigerous00
180King's FavourNon-armigerous00
181King's MissiliersAward of Arms10
182King's SigilNon-armigerous00
183Knight BanneretteNon-armigerous00
187Leaf of MeritAward of Arms10
188Leaping StagNon-armigerous11
189Legion of CourtesyNon-armigerous10
190Legion of Gallantry of the OutlandsNon-armigerous10
191Legionnaire of the Guardians of AtenveldtAward of Arms10
192Light of AtenveldtAward of Arms10
193Lion of ArtemisiaGrant of Arms00
194Lion of AtenveldtGrant of Arms10
195Lion's Pride of AtenveldtNon-armigerous00
196List of ChivalryNon-armigerous00
197List of GraceNon-armigerous10
198Lost Jewel Of BronzehelmNon-armigerous00
201Lux CaidisGrant of Arms10
202Gryphon and CompassAward of Arms10
203Mantle of Gryphon's LairNon-armigerous10
204Maple Leaf of ArtemisiaAward of Arms10
205Mastery of ArmsPeerage10
206Materiam Superabat OpusNon-armigerous00
207MaunchGrant of Arms10
208Melan Pteron CynaguaNon-armigerous00
209Meridian CrossNon-armigerous10
210Meritorious Order of Unique and Sensual ExcessesNon-armigerous00
212Mountain's PrideNon-armigerous00
213North StarNon-armigerous00
216Orden des LindquistringeAward of Arms10
218Order of the Gryphon's Heart of ArtemisiaNon-armigerous10
219Oriental DragonNon-armigerous10
220Osha of the Miracle LadderNon-armigerous00
222PanacheAward of Arms10
223Paon d'ArgentNon-armigerous10
224Papillon Argenté d'Artemisie l'Ordre duNon-armigerous11
225Peacock and KeyNon-armigerous10
226Peacocks EyeNon-armigerous10
227Peacock's HeartNon-armigerous10
228Peacock's Pride of One Thousand EyesAward of Arms10
229Order of the PearlGrant of Arms10
230Pearl of the MountainAward of Arms10
232Pernicious LilyNon-armigerous10
233Pied Argent Ordre duNon-armigerous10
234Pillar of ArtemisiaAward of Arms10
235Pluvia NexNon-armigerous00
236Pomme d'OrNon-armigerous00
237Prince's CounselorNon-armigerous01
238Prince's TokenNon-armigerous00
239Princess' KnotNon-armigerous00
240Princess' Order of GraceNon-armigerous00
241Princess' TokenNon-armigerous00
242Purple FretAward of Arms10
243Queen's ConfidenceNon-armigerous00
244Queen's Cypher [Atenveldt]Non-armigerous10
246Queen's Cypher [Outlands]Non-armigerous00
248Queen's FavorNon-armigerous00
250Queen's Grace of AtenveldtNon-armigerous00
251Queen's Order of CourtesyNon-armigerous10
252Queen's Order of GraceNon-armigerous10
253Queen's TreasureNon-armigerous00
255Radiant RoseNon-armigerous00
256Raven's TreasureNon-armigerous00
257Red CompanyAward of Arms10
258Red HartNon-armigerous10
260Rock: ArcheryNon-armigerous10
261Rock: ArmoredNon-armigerous10
262Rock: RapierNon-armigerous10
263Rose LeafAward of Arms10
264Royal CommendationNon-armigerous01
265Royal Scribal FavorNon-armigerous00
266Royal VanguardNon-armigerous10
267Sable BladeNon-armigerous00
268Sable Clarion of the Western SeasNon-armigerous10
269Sable Comet of AnsteorraAward of Arms10
270Sable GryphonAward of Arms10
271Sable Oak of Darach ShireNon-armigerous10
272Sable Thistle of AnsteorraAward of Arms10
274Saint Biancas HeartNon-armigerous10
275Saint Hildegarde of BingenNon-armigerous10
277Sapphire FlagonNon-armigerous00
278Scutiferus CynaguaeNon-armigerous00
279Sea StagGrant of Arms00
280Sergeant of WealdsmereNon-armigerous00
281Serpent's FlameNon-armigerous10
282Service Performed Under DuressNon-armigerous00
283Sharks ToothNon-armigerous10
284Siege of Crane's CombatantNon-armigerous00
285Sigil of ÆthelmearcNon-armigerous10
286Sigillum Coronae (Drachenwald)Non-armigerous10
287Sigillum RegisNon-armigerous10
288Silver CraneNon-armigerous10
289Silver CrescentGrant of Arms10
290Silver GuardAward of Arms10
291Silver KeepNon-armigerous10
292Silver Lute (Wealdsmere)Non-armigerous00
293Silver MuseNon-armigerous00
294Silver OakAward of Arms10
295Silver OspreyAward of Arms10
296Silver SnowdriftNon-armigerous10
297Silver SpoonNon-armigerous10
298Silver StirrupNon-armigerous10
299Silver SycamoreNon-armigerous10
300Sincerity and HonorNon-armigerous10
301Solar HeartNon-armigerous10
302StagGrant of Arms10
303Stag's BloodAward of Arms10
304Stag's HeartAward of Arms10
305Stag's TynesAward of Arms11
306Star of the Desert - GulesNon-armigerous10
307Strongbow of ArtemisiaGrant of Arms10
308Swan and the EscallopNon-armigerous10
309SycamoreAward of Arms10
310Talon d'OrNon-armigerous10
311Terpsichore's MouffleNon-armigerous00
312Territorial Baron Retired (Atlantia) (Lochmere)Non-armigerous00
313Territorial Court BaronyGrant of Arms10
314Territorial Court Barony (2nd tenure)Grant of Arms10
315Throne FavorNon-armigerous00
316Tygers CombattantGrant of Arms10
317Totally Aggressive Nasty Killers (TANK)Non-armigerous00
318TrefoilAward of Arms10
319Trefoil and MaceNon-armigerous11
320Ulftönn of StarkhafnNon-armigerous10
321Unicorn MeadowNon-armigerous00
322Universitatus QuadriviumNon-armigerous00
323Valkyrie's WatchNon-armigerous00
324Vesica PresulNon-armigerous00
327Wa'a OarNon-armigerous10
328Walker of the WayNon-armigerous10
329Walking PellNon-armigerous10
330War HornNon-armigerous10
331Watchful TowerNon-armigerous10
332White CygentNon-armigerous10
334White DuckNon-armigerous10
335White FalconNon-armigerous10
336White GooseNon-armigerous10
337White LarkNon-armigerous10
338White LoonNon-armigerous10
339White OspreyNon-armigerous10
340White PhoenixNon-armigerous10
341WillowAward of Arms10
342Windmuhlen KeeperNon-armigerous00
343Winged HarpNon-armigerous00
344Wooden SpoonNon-armigerous10
345Wreath of ValorNon-armigerous00
347Baroness' Award of CourtesyNon-armigerous00
348Baronial Order of CourtesyNon-armigerous00
349Defenders of the WestNon-armigerous10
350Grail of the Summits (Arts & Sciences)Non-armigerous10
351Grail of the Summits (Service)Non-armigerous10
352Grail of the Summits (Martial)Non-armigerous10
353Valorous EstateNon-armigerous00
354Gryphon's PawNon-armigerous00
355Silver BarberryNon-armigerous10
356Throne's Favor of the SummitsNon-armigerous00
357Princess' Talon of FavorNon-armigerous00
358Bell and ChainNon-armigerous10
362Baron's Favor [Stromgard]Non-armigerous00
364Aurei Ursi OrdoNon-armigerous10
365Dragon's KinNon-armigerous00
366Tantony of Tir Ysgithr (Argent)Non-armigerous00
367Pilgrim of the DesertAward of Arms10
368Flower of the DesertAward of Arms10
369Fellowship of the Boar (Vert)Non-armigerous00
371Onore del Ponte d'ArgentoNon-armigerous10
372Blood of FenrisAward of Arms00
373Sable Lion of CaertheNon-armigerous10
374White OakNon-armigerous00
375Fellowship of the Boar (Argent)Non-armigerous00
376King's Award of ExcellenceNon-armigerous00
378Onore del Ponte d'OroNon-armigerous10
379Onore del Ponte NeroNon-armigerous10
380Argent ShieldNon-armigerous10
381Sable SwordAward of Arms10
382Scorpion of al-BarranAward of Arms10
383Hammer of al-BarranAward of Arms10
384Antares Kano of al-BarranNon-armigerous00
385Iron HartGrant of Arms10
386Promise of the OutlandsNon-armigerous00
387Green Tree of CaertheNon-armigerous10
388Cordon of Honor of CaertheNon-armigerous00
389Fallen SnowNon-armigerous00
390Scales of DragonspineAward of Arms00
391Be of BronzehelmAward of Arms10
392Star and LilyAward of Arms00
393Golden TearAward of Arms00
394Silver PegasusGrant of Arms00
396Royal CypherNon-armigerous00
397Golden BladeAward of Arms00
398Silver MorionNon-armigerous10
399Guardian of the SaguaroNon-armigerous00
400Sable Helm: RapierNon-armigerous00
401Sable Helm: BardicNon-armigerous10
402Sable Helm: ArmoredNon-armigerous10
403Order of the Pilgrims of ArtemisiaNon-armigerous10
404Societatus Aquilae CoronataeNon-armigerous00
405Sable Helm: Arts and SciencesNon-armigerous00
406Sable Helm: Thrown WeaponsNon-armigerous00
407Sable Helm: ArcheryNon-armigerous00
408Order of the Paladin of Gryphon's LairNon-armigerous00
409Amber's FoxNon-armigerous00
410Order of the OpalAward of Arms10
411Order of the GarlandNon-armigerous10
412Coronet's SmileNon-armigerous00
413Lion's StrengthNon-armigerous00
415U RockNon-armigerous00
417Golden TorcNon-armigerous00
418Order of the Mountain SunNon-armigerous00
419Sergeant of Three MountainsNon-armigerous00
420Crystal RainbowAward of Arms00
421Mountain SunNon-armigerous00
422The Prince's FavorNon-armigerous10
423Queen's Cypher [WEST]Non-armigerous00
424Gratia Coronae [WEST]Non-armigerous00
425Western LilyAward of Arms00
426Crown's FavorNon-armigerous00
427Dames de la MerNon-armigerous00
428Princess' Favor (Mists)Non-armigerous00
429Order of the Hand of TyrAward of Arms00
430Griffin & SwordAward of Arms00