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Award ID: 79
Award Name: Den Grimme Aeling
Award Rank: Non-armigerous
Group: Cynagua
Group Type: Principality
Registered: 0
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
8886Kara BaraksdottirOne Thousand Eyes2009-10-31
8886Kára BáreksdóttirOne Thousand Eyes2009-10-31
7391Ursula de StrattoneArn Hold2017-08-26
7232Titus Silvius AquilaArn Hold2017-08-26
7048Thora AtterdagArn Hold2017-08-26
7048Thora of Arn HoldArn Hold2017-08-26
6664Simona de FolettiArn Hold2017-08-26
6249Ronan Geirson ta RautalahtiArn Hold2017-08-26
5234Merin du BourbonArn Hold2017-08-26
5043Maria Zenobia MacThoyArn Hold2017-08-26
4672Law SparhawkArn Hold2017-08-26
4502Killian Flynn MacThoyArn Hold2017-08-26
4277Kaspar GrafArn Hold2017-08-26
4277Kaspar of Arn HoldArn Hold2017-08-26
3697Innocent VillainArn Hold2017-08-26
3217Gomez de SantanderArn Hold2017-08-26
1848Clare de LacyArn Hold2017-08-26
962Astrid ArakouaArn Hold2017-08-26
801Aonghus ill ulfrArn Hold2017-08-26