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Award ID: 105
Award Name: Forget-me-not
Award Rank: Non-armigerous
Group: An Tir
Group Type: Kingdom
Registered: 0
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
9006Kelwin RatslayerArn Hold2022-03-17
9005Bartholomew Hightower of CanterburyCôte du Ciel2022-03-17
8002Annelise von AachenBronzehelm2010-10-23
8002Sumayya of YibnaBronzehelm2010-10-23
8001Annelise von AachenBronzehelm2007-07-21
8001Sumayya of YibnaBronzehelm2007-07-21
8000Sumayya of YibnaBronzehelm2006-07-15
8000Annelise von AachenBronzehelm2006-07-15
7893Ynesyn Ongge Xong Kerij-eInactive/Out of Kingdom1985-01-12
5353Milisandia verch MadocInactive/Out of Kingdom2003-08-02
4379Katya in raudharaSilver Keep2003-10-04
4378Katya in raudharaSilver Keep2003-01-11
4377Katya in raudharaSilver Keep2002-07-20
4376Katya in raudharaSilver Keep1998-01-10
3263Greaghan McBayneInactive/Out of Kingdom2005-07-16
3262Greaghan McBayneInactive/Out of Kingdom2003-08-31
3261Greaghan McBayneInactive/Out of Kingdom2000-07-15
1532Brynjolfr FjallgeirssonSentinels' Keep2005-07-16
1531Brynjolfr FjallgeirssonSentinels' Keep2005-01-08
1530Brynjolfr FjallgeirssonSentinels' Keep1996-07-20
1216Bertrand LamontArn Hold1992-10-17
1215Bertrand LamontArn Hold1992-07-11
1214Bertrand LamontArn Hold1991-07-20