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Award ID: 317
Award Name: Totally Aggressive Nasty Killers (TANK)
Award Rank: Non-armigerous
Group: Artemisia
Group Type: Kingdom
Registered: 0
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
7515Vidar BrekeboweArrow's Flight2006-11-11
7455Varia GoffeArn Hold1994-03-05
7346Uggedei Mighan NidunSentinels' Keep2007-06-16
7106Thorvald UlfhednarCôte du Ciel2011-01-08
6999Theodore de ChampidouInactive/Out of Kingdom1990-07-21
6656Sikman the StoutInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-03-02
6629Sigmund SchwartzwaldOtherhill1990-07-21
5602Olaf CancelerInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-12-07
5491Myghchaell LoughlinInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-09-19
5338Mikhail the VarangianDeceased1990-07-21
4923Magnus SigurdsonLoch Salann2010-12-11
4605Kveldulfr av UlfsgaardInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-12-07
4551Konrad von KrixenArn Hold1996-07-18
4449Khudkakhar the BearDeceased1990-07-21
4431Kelwin RatslayerArn Hold1997-01-11
4062John IronstoneInactive/Out of Kingdom1990-07-21
3606Hrodgierr Hrodgierson (AKA Hrothgar)Sentinels' Keep1999-01-02
3582Hoggar HansonLoch Salann1995-07-08
3582Hogar HansenLoch Salann1995-07-08
3440Hans the GentleInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-05-14
2247Decker HawkeswoodInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-09-19
1543Brynjolfr FjallgeirssonSentinels' Keep2011-10-01
1283Bjarki HvitabjarnarsonLoch Salann2003-03-22
888Arn the BullInactive/Out of Kingdom1992-01-11
820Aquilla Ashley MaddoxInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-10-12
606Anleifr Raedwulfson (AKA Graeleaf)Inactive/Out of Kingdom1996-01-13
576Angus Sinclair of Wick (AKA Sadiq)Inactive/Out of Kingdom1991-01-12