SCA Name: Basil der Drache
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Active: 1


1109One Thousand EyesArtemisian Order of Grace1994-01-08
1110One Thousand EyesAugmentation of Arms2012-11-17
1111One Thousand EyesAward of Arms1991-03-02
1112One Thousand EyesChivalry1992-10-05
1113One Thousand EyesCounty2000-01-08
1114One Thousand EyesDuchy2001-01-13
1115One Thousand EyesGolden Feather of Artemisia1995-01-14
1116One Thousand EyesGolden Pillar2000-03-11
1117One Thousand EyesGolden Scarf2017-11-18
1118One Thousand EyesGolden Sun in Splendour2013-06-15
1119One Thousand EyesGratia et Comitas2014-11-22
1120One Thousand EyesGryphon of Artemisia2013-09-07
1121One Thousand EyesGryphon's Talon of Artemisia1990-10-20
1122One Thousand EyesHawk's Lure1993-11-20
1123One Thousand EyesIron Talon of One Thousand Eyes1991-11-23
1124One Thousand EyesKing's Council1998-11-21
1125One Thousand EyesKing's Council1999-06-19
1126One Thousand EyesKing's Council2000-07-08
1127One Thousand EyesKing's Council2003-02-14
1128One Thousand EyesKing's Council2008-03-08
1129One Thousand EyesKing's Council2008-09-13
1130One Thousand EyesKing's Council2013-09-07
1131One Thousand EyesKing's Council2014-03-01
1132One Thousand EyesKing's Council2014-08-30
1133One Thousand EyesKing's Council2015-08-29
1134One Thousand EyesKing's Council2016-09-03
1135One Thousand EyesMirror2002-06-06
1136One Thousand EyesMirror2013-06-13
1137One Thousand EyesOrder of the Gryphon's Heart of Artemisia1989-06-28
1138One Thousand EyesOrder of the Gryphon's Heart of Artemisia1991-06-29
1139One Thousand EyesPaon d'Argent1996-07-06
1140One Thousand EyesPeacock's Pride of One Thousand Eyes1991-11-23
1141One Thousand EyesPrince's Counselor1992-07-11
1142One Thousand EyesQueen's Confidence2015-03-07
1143One Thousand EyesQueen's Cypher [Atenveldt]1991-03-29
1144One Thousand EyesQuodlibet2015-04-04
1145One Thousand EyesSiege of Crane's Combatant2015-10-17
1146One Thousand EyesSiege of Crane's Combatant2016-03-12
1147One Thousand EyesSwan and the Escallop2013-03-16
1148One Thousand EyesTerritorial Court Barony1996-07-06
1149One Thousand EyesViscounty1996-01-13
8617One Thousand EyesPelican2019-11-23
8902One Thousand EyesKing's Council2021-09-11