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SCA Name: Fedor Poriadnich
Group: Stonegate
Registered: 0
Active: 1


2824StonegateAward of Arms2007-10-20
2825StonegateAward of Arms2007-11-03
2826StonegateBaroness' Favor [Three Mountains]2006-09-30
2827StonegateBaron's Favor [Three Mountains]2006-09-30
2828StonegateDefenders of the Citadel2017-11-18
2829StonegateGolden Gryphon's Talon2016-11-19
2830StonegateGolden Torc2004-02-21
2831StonegateHeart of Three Mountains2007-03-24
2832StonegateIron Talon of One Thousand Eyes2017-03-18
2833StonegateMountain's Pride2006-06-10
2835StonegateSwan and the Escallop2011-06-18
3194StonegateTalon d'Or2013-06-13
8430StonegateGolden Pillar2019-05-25
8497StonegateKing's Council2019-09-06
8935StonegateCourt Barony2021-11-20