SCA Name: James Ulrich MacKellar
Group: Loch Salann
Registered: 0
Active: 1


3842Loch SalannCrystal Heart1992-07-25
3843Loch SalannCrystal of the Salt Wastes2003-04-26
3844Loch SalannGrant of Arms1994-03-05
3845Loch SalannGryphon of Artemisia2006-09-09
3846Loch SalannGryphon's Heart of Artemisia1999-07-10
3847Loch SalannKing's Council2006-09-09
3848Loch SalannLaurel1996-07-06
3849Loch SalannPelican2001-07-14
3850Loch SalannPillar of Artemisia1996-05-11
3851Loch SalannQueen's Confidence2011-02-19
3852Loch SalannQuodlibet1996-10-12
3853Loch SalannTerritorial Court Barony1999-04-23
3854Loch SalannTerritorial Court Barony (2nd tenure)2006-12-09
3855Loch SalannWhite Falcon2006-02-16
3856Loch SalannWhite Lark1995-03-25
8128Loch SalannAugmentation of Arms2018-09-07