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SCA Name: William Kyle of the Wilderness
Group: Loch Salann
Registered: 0
Active: 1


7665Loch SalannAward of Arms1990-06-16
7666Loch SalannChivalry2002-05-04
7667Loch SalannCourt Barony2010-01-09
7668Loch SalannDolphin of Caid1994-12-31
7669Loch SalannGolden Gryphon's Talon1998-10-10
7670Loch SalannGolden Maple Leaf2007-02-15
7671Loch SalannGrant of Arms1998-10-10
7672Loch SalannGryphon and Hammer2006-06-09
7673Loch SalannLegion of Courtesy1996-05-04
7674Loch SalannSable Oak of Darach Shire1993-09-25