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Constantinople no more.... Istanbal it is!!

Constantinople no more.... Istanbul it is!!!

In May of 1453 the capital of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, was invaded by an Ottoman army. The commander of the Ottoman army was a 21 yr old Sultan Mehmed II. Defending the City was Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos. Constantinople or Istanbul, what side are you on? The Shire of Stonegate wants to know!


With the change of the colors in the mountains, the cooler
nights, the smell of campfires in the air, the shorter days
are just a few things that indicate the change in season. The
Autumnal Equinox this year is September 22, 2018. Join the Shire of
Stonegate in celebrating the Autumnal Equinox and the celebration of our
first year anniversary. The day will be full of fighting and game playing.
There is a limited amount of parking. Please car pool where available.
There is a creek next to the site. The site is a BLM campsite in the