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Arts & Sciences proposed changes to Kingdom Law

Greetings from the Kingdom Seneschal,
Below you will find the proposed changes to Kingdom Law by Their Royal Majesties Floki and Gwenevere. Per kingdom law these changes will be available to comment on until September, 6th 2020. Comments are be sent to comments@artemisia.sca.org.

1. Art and Sciences Law change
(X: Events in Artemisia, section C, number 4). Correct wording and define timeline)

A Kingdom Arts and Sciences Collegium shall be held once a year. This championship will be held in conjunction with Kingdom Collegium to encourage the widest exposure for the Arts and Sciences.

A Kingdom Arts and Sciences Collegium shall be held once a year.

2. Deputy Positions (Section V, A General Duties)

We propose that deputy positions follow the same warrant notification (Section IV, A, item e) as prescribed for the Greater offices.

3. Maintaining Group Status (Branches Section VIII) - new section

We propose that active groups maintain the levels of membership and active reporting officers as the same levels to qualify as a Barony (Seneschal, Exchequer, MOAS, Knight Marshal, Herald), Shire, (Seneschal, Exchequer and either a Knight Marshal, and/or MOAS).ect.. There shall be a three month allowance period, where the Seneschal (warranted or temporarily appointed) of the group reports to the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal the groups plan to fill vacant offices or fix reporting issues, or request approval for current status.

4. Rebirthing a group (Branches Section VIII) - new section

A. Goldenwing Herald proposes a change to process to recreate a group where they will need to receive permission from the Kingdom Herald to re-use the same name and device of former group.

B. We propose that wording be added to notify a dissolved group who is reforming that any money or assets which have already been redistributed will not be returned to the group.

5. Statement concerning the Sanctioning Guidelines –

A. Sanctioning Guidelines are covered in the Society Seneschal Handbook.

We look forward to hearing for the populace.
Floki and Gwenevere

In Service to Artemisia,
Countess Sumayya bint Suleiman
Kingdom of Artemisia Seneschal