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The Call of the Cavalry

I, Isabel Cordera, your Kingdom Equestrian Officer, welcome
any and all equestrian enthusiasts! Whether you want to
watch the games, ride, participate in Mounted Combat, or
a procession, our horses will be here. Whether you are a
youth supported by your parent, a novice rider or an
experienced rider - whether you are a newcomer or peer, I
invite you all to join our Kingdom’s Cavalry.

A little about myself: I am an SCA player living in the Shire
of Cote du Ciel - I graduated from Utah State University with
a Bachelors in Animal Science, and a minor in
Entrepreneurship. In my current employment, I am building
up my local county Animal Control program, so that we can
provide better services for our community. It is my pleasure
to use my knowledge and expertise to help direct the
Artemisian Equestrian program towards 3 goals: safety,
longevity, and fun.

November 9th, we are having a Kingdom Business Meeting
to officially open the Equestrian Program in Artemisia - To
become an authorized rider and/or marshal in this
Kingdom, this meeting is mandatory.

I am working with our Kingdom Webminister to set up links
to websites, and PDF documents on our Kingdom Webpage.
The Artemisian Equestrian Handbook has been updated,
and should be available for viewing on this webpage. At the
end of the handbook, there are resources to help beginners
in riding and research, start their path down the Research
Rabbit-hole. Included are other documents that will give
some idea on how this program will be run. I would love to
hear your thoughts about the information available on the

Saturday, August 31st, is the deadline for any suggestions
and feedback - Please contact me with your suggestions and
concerns, after reviewing the materials. If you have anything
to discuss, please contact me about any of the following:
the Artemisian Rulebook, information about the past
equestrian program, and/or how you would like to see this
Kingdom program move forward. My contact information
is listed below.

The meeting will be conducted at Utah State University, in
the Shire of Cote du Ciel. This meeting will be Live-streamed
to Facebook, and youtube videos will also be available, for
participants who cannot physically be present. This
program has struggled to maintain itself in the past - We
need the equestrian populous in our Kingdom to know the
expectations and policies of this program, so we can keep
it going for years to come.

Let us come together to celebrate our love for Medieval
Equestrian sports! Join with me, as we ride forward into
the future!

In your service,
Lady Isabel Cordera, Kingdom Equestrian Officer
email: equestrian@artemisia.sca.org