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Crown Bid Results

Greetings to all Artemisia!!!

Please know that the blame for this tardy post is 100% my fault as the mundane world required my immediate attention for a short time. But now... The much anticipated announcement is to be made!!

We had three (four really if you count one artist submitted two) outstanding bids for the new Artemisian Crowns. In my many years I have rarely seen the like of the professional level of artistry that was presented. It was not an easy decision and the Crown, Heirs, and others consulted on the opportunity, spent a great deal of time debating. Were we to have the budget, all would have been chosen without hesitation. But alas.. there can be only one.

Artemisia, please congratulate her Excellency Merin du Bourbon on the opportunity to create the newest set of Crowns for Artemisia!

Your Excellency, Merin. I will leave it up to you to decide if you wish to share the image with the Kingdom or if you wish to hold on to the mystery until the big reveal.

With this, fundraising will begin IMMEDIATELY! Look for announcements from Germaine on what new and exciting schwag we can expect to see soon.

Thank you everyone! Again thank you to those who submitted bids. They were breathtaking and I sincerely hope you all get a chance to see their work. I will share it if I am given permission by the artisans, otherwise you may approach His Grace Morgan d'Antioch, and Countess Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan of Northshield to view their exceptional work!


Tianna NiCoimin
aka Nikki McCorristin
Kingdom Regalia Office