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Doxxing a SCA Member - Message from the Society Seneschal

To all Kingdom Seneschals,

I want to reiterate a statement my predecessor made a few years ago on the issue of doxxing

any SCA participant. I want you to alert all of your officers (Kingdom and local group officers)

that doxxing (i.e. posting personal information/contact information/political information/employment

information about individuals) is a violation of the SCA Code of Conduct and the Anti-Bullying

and Harassment policy.

Doxxing is also against the law in a number of jurisdictions. Furthermore, doxxing may likewise

be actionable as an Invasion of Privacy which may result in a civil suit and monetary damages.

Please convey to all of your officers—not only seneschals--at both the Kingdom and local group

level that any officer of the SCA found to be doxxing is subject to termination from their office.

I am instructing all Kingdom Seneschals and their deputies to obtain screenshots of instances of

doxxing by any participant as this cannot be tolerated and offenders are subject to being sanctioned

for this behavior.

Everyone needs to contemplate the consequences of their actions. I know that there is a lot of anger

and frustration over recent events. However, as officers and members of the SCA, we must act in

accordance with the very foundations of this organization: courtesy, honor, chivalry and respect.

We are all held to the standards of the Society. If there are allegations that any member took part

in doxxing, that behavior will be reviewed for possible sanction against the participants.

Officers have a responsibility to be leaders–to be part of a solution and not part of the problem,

even when the fog of division, discord and blame makes it hard to see what is truly important to us


It is times like these when we need to pull together, rally around what is good about our Society

and lead by example. Even when the world appears bereft of courtesy, honor, chivalry and respect,

we need to be an example of these virtues.

Mike Watkins
Society Seneschal