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IMPORTANT! This Missive regards changes to the Crown/Coronation Schedule!

Please Heed the Words of Their Royal Majesties:
Unto Awe-Inspiring and Tenacious Artemisia do We, Daman Rex and Veronique Regina, send Greetings and Warm-Wishes.
First and foremost, we need to address the month of May. All areas of the Kingdom are beginning to release their restriction and slowly reopening their areas. The Phase 1 restrictions that exist, however, still prevent any group larger than 10 from meeting. Sadly this means that all events for the month of May are either being offered virtually, or have been cancelled for the safety of the populace of large.
The first of these will be Baroness’ Beltane that will be held virtually on May 2nd. There will be a court at both 10:30am and 5:00 pm that will (hopefully) be streamed live to Facebook. There are also classes and other things planned. Further information on this is available on either the Facebook event or the Arn Hold Facebook page.
Next, there has been a change to the Kingdom A&S Competition and Collegium that is scheduled for May 16th. This event will also be held virtually. The competition has been moved to King’s Road/Baron’s War to be held July 17th- 19th 2020. The Collegium classes, however, are alive and well. There have been many offers to teach. We strongly encourage you to attend and learn all you can with this unique opportunity. Class lists and other announcements regarding this event can be found on the Collegium event Facebook page and in the Kingdom of Artemisia Arts and Sciences Facebook group.
The final event we need to address for the month of May is Quest/Crown. We promised that no Kingdom event would take place while areas of the Kingdom were unable to attend. At the time Quest/Crown was scheduled a very small portion of the Kingdom might be off restrictions. We did not feel that it would be possible, or fair, to hold a Crown at this time. So the question is, with the cancelling of Quest/Crown what is the plan? And what will the remainder of this reign look like?
We have discussed all of the possible options with Kingdom and Society Seneschals and the best solution to our current situation is as follows: September 5, 2020, which was originally set to be our stepping down, will now be Our Crown to designate heirs. The heirs will have six weeks as Prince and Princess. Then on October 17, 2020 (originally the heirs Crown) We will step down, They will step up. After Their stepping up, on the same day, there will be a Crown tournament. This results in Artemisia getting a new Crown and new Heirs on the same day. This was the fairest way we could find to stay within the variance given Us and still keep Artemisia on schedule for Coronations and Crowns.
We understand that this scenario may be less than ideal, but currently the world scenario is less than ideal. We could not in good conscience continue to postpone Crown Tournament one month at a time. This is not fair to the potential combatants or the populace. It is Our sincere hope that by the time Our Crown (September 5, 2020) comes around the world will be in a place that will allow us to gather again. If you have already submitted a letter of intent for our Crown, you will need to resubmit between August 1 and August 22, 2020. This will give everyone a chance to better evaluate their ability to fulfill their duty should they be victorious.
So for now, please remember to adhere to your local mundane health authority recommendations. If you have questions about the ability to hold activities, look to your baronage or seneschals. They are intimately aware of the restrictions of your area and can help you navigate this tumultuous time. Please know that we miss all of you dearly and are eagerly looking forward to being able to see you again. If you have any questions feel free to ask. We are happy to answer them. You can reach Us here or at crown@artemisia.sca.org. We will get through this together, because We Are Artemisia.
Yours in Service to the Crown
Daman, Rex
Veronique, Regina