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King's Road / Baron's War Cancelled

Please Pray Heed the words of their Majesties:

In these interesting and uncertain times we do everything we can to ensure that the kingdom is strong and healthy. We enjoy getting to see and interact everyone online. The kingdom has stepped up in a monumental way in the last several months in ways that we never could of imagined even back in February. We can not wait to get to see our wonderful populace in person. However the health and saftey of the kingdom and its populace come first. After much discussion throughout the kingdom and hearing from the populace we have decided that we must cancel King's Road / Baron's War this year. We have promised the kingdom that we will not have kingdom level events until all of our kingdom can attend. It does not look like that will happen by the time King's Road / Baron's War is scheduled to happen. It is with a heavy heart that we make this announcement. We encourage everyone to interact online when you can. There is so much great information being shared right now in the kingdom and throughout the society. We look forward to seeing you soon. Stay safe, Stay strong, and remember to wash your hands.

Daman Rex Veronique Regina