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Open Position – Deputy Archivist for Digital Filings

Open Position – Deputy Archivist for Digital Filings

The Deputy Archivist for Digital Filings (DADF) is responsible for the identification, collection, preservation, and availability for the reference of digital material of all Society, Kingdom and Local Newsletters and other electronic publications for the SCA Archives, under the guidance of the Society Archivist. This officer reports to the Society Archivist.

The DADF is responsible for collecting and maintaining all electronic newsletters and electronic publications both informational and educational related to the SCA, for the SCA Archivist. This would include but not be limited to photos, videos, digital text, Handbooks, Governing Documents, Guides, Site Books, classes, Tournaments Illuminated, Complete Anachronist and all kingdoms, Principality, and local newsletters. The position relies on a strong interest in digital information, creating metadata descriptions, digitization, and born-digital materials.

Essential duties and responsibilities of the job include, but are not limited to:

Maintenance of current digital repository.
Receiving digital newsletters from Kingdom, Principality and Local Newsletters to add to repository.
Contacting Local groups to see if they have digital newsletters to add to the repository.
Receiving and processing Society publications for integration to the current repository.
Consolidating existing files per Archivist requirements.
Consulting with the SCA Archivist on current and future projects about the SCA Archives.
Management of projects as assigned.
The ideal applicant should possess effective interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills. The ability to process electronic files, organizational abilities, and digital filing skills. Reliable access to the internet and basic office equipment are needed.

The deadline for applications is August 31, 2021. Resumes can be sent to resumes@sca.org and archivist@sca.org