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Search for medallions - Poll

The office of Kingdom Regalia has an idea for a project and would like opinions from the Kingdom. I will accept feedback until January 1st and a decision will be made soon thereafter.

Award medallions are inconsistent in the office in as much as how they are obtained. Some are purchased from professional sites, some are hand made. Quality varies. We would like to know the level of importance to you.

- High Quality, professionally made
- Varied Quality, hand-made

[Poll Closed, Thank you]

Is it more important to spend a little more to get stronger metals, enamel, and the cleanest look? Or is it more valuable to have softer metals and flaws in lieu of being hand-cast and more authentic? And does this opinion change depending on the medallion in question? I have included a list at the bottom of current medallions maintained by the office of regalia.

Please take a moment to drop me an email (royal-regalia@artemisia.sca.org ), text me, IM me on facebook, however. I'd really like to get an idea of people's opinions.

Thank you!
Kingdom Regalia Office

Medallions to be considered
Order of Defense
Key Cross
Tête de Mort et la Fleur de Lys
Gryphon’s Pride
Sun in Splendour
Gryphon’s Talon
Defender of Citadel
Maple Leaf
Bowman's Yeowman
Golden Pheon