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Artemisian Awards

Awards given in the Kingdom of Artemisia

Artemisia Awards

Recommending Awards

Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

Recommend an award

# Award Date SCA Name Award Group
6212 07/24/2010 Gabriel Robertson Sable Lion of Caerthe (Caerthe) Silver Keep
6211 07/24/2009 Gabriel Robertson Defender of the Stag's Blood (Outlands) Silver Keep
6210 03/01/2013 Gabriel Robertson Iron Hart (Outlands) Silver Keep
6209 04/14/2018 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Golden Pillar of Artemisia Stonegate
6208 06/17/2017 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Peacock's Key Stonegate
6207 11/17/2018 Hrodgierr Hrodgierson (AKA Hrothgar) Golden Sun in Splendour Sentinels' Keep
6206 11/17/2018 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Order of the Sage Stonegate
6205 11/17/2018 Gabriel Robertson Golden Pillar of Artemisia Silver Keep
6204 11/17/2018 Balthazar Vom Dortmund Golden Pillar of Artemisia Silver Keep
6203 11/17/2018 Allasan Tamelyn Golden Maple Leaf Stan Wyrm
6202 08/11/2018 Samantha of Bronzehelm Order of the Rock: Rapier
6201 08/11/2018 Aramis Salgado Order of the Rock: Rapier
6201 01/06/2001 Aletheia Isidora of Philae Golden Pillar of Artemisia
6200 01/17/1998 Aletheia Isidora of Philae Award of Arms
6199 05/28/2005 Chagatai Burilgi Antares Kano of al-Barran (Premier) (al-Barran) Loch Salann
6198 09/17/2005 Chagatai Burilgi Award of Arms Loch Salann
6197 05/24/2008 Chagatai Burilgi Hammer of al-Barran (al-Barran) Loch Salann
6196 11/18/2007 Chagatai Burilgi Scorpion of al-Barran (al-Barran) Loch Salann
6195 02/16/2008 Chagatai Burilgi Defender of the Stag's Blood (Outlands) Loch Salann
6194 08/11/2018 Edgar the Builder Order of St. Hildegard of Bingen
6193 11/04/2018 Simon the Smith Yggdrassil Arn Hold
6192 11/04/2018 Robert de Fletcher the Duelist Terpsichore's Mouffle Arn Hold
6191 11/04/2018 Ja'mala al-Badawiyya/Morgan du Marc Service Performed Under Duress Arn Hold
6190 11/04/2018 Ja'mala al-Badawiyya/Morgan du Marc Pomme d'Or Arn Hold
6189 11/04/2018 Melanie of Arn Hold Yggdrassil Arn Hold
6188 11/04/2018 Etienne Dupre Service Performed Under Duress Arn Hold
6187 11/04/2018 Aonghus ill ulfr Terpsichore's Mouffle Arn Hold
6186 11/04/2018 Wojcek Sobieski Order of the Golden Scarf Arn Hold
6185 11/04/2018 Kelwin Ratslayer Defender of the Citadel Arn Hold
6184 11/26/2018 Cristina de Lagonissa Award of Arms Arn Hold
6183 11/04/2018 Beatriz de Saabedra Golden Maple Leaf Arn Hold
6182 11/04/2018 Balenor Blackmere Golden Maple Leaf Arn Hold
6181 10/20/2018 Sionainn P. Caimbeul Flame of Pharos Gryphon's Lair
6180 10/20/2018 Ullrich von Grimme Gryphon and Axe Loch Salann
6179 10/20/2018 Joel de Grace Quodlibet Arrows' Flight
6178 10/20/2018 Aleah de Spencer Gryphon's Pride Loch Salann
6177 10/20/2018 Otto Hardbeinn Golden Gryphon's Talon Inactive/Out of Kingdom
6176 10/20/2018 Daniel the Blind Golden Gryphon's Talon Dragonmarch
6175 10/20/2018 Matteo of Gryphon's Lair Award of Arms Gryphon's Lair
6174 09/08/2018 Marguerite fileresse de saie Fons Animae Loch Salann
6173 02/17/2007 Marguerite fileresse de saie Oleander Loch Salann
6172 10/13/2018 Caridwin filia Bala Award of Arms Sentinels' Keep
6171 10/13/2018 Donald fitz Alan Award of Arms Sentinels' Keep
6170 10/13/2018 Athanos of Sparta Award of Arms Sentinels' Keep
6169 10/13/2018 Michael McGary of Antrum Golden Gryphon's Talon Sentinels' Keep
6168 10/13/2018 Siobhan MacDufh Jewel of the Keep Sentinels' Keep
6167 10/13/2018 Morgan Glynndwr Jewel of the Keep Sentinels' Keep
6166 09/07/2018 Owen y Bwa ap Howell Order of the Pelican Gryphon's Lair
6165 09/07/2018 Rachel Ashton Augmentation of Arms Loch Salann
6164 01/27/2018 Primus Moose Combatant Arn Hold
6163 01/27/2018 Thora of Arn Hold Cirque d'Honeur Arn Hold
6162 01/27/2018 Thora of Arn Hold Terpsichore's Mouffle Arn Hold
6161 01/27/2018 Balenor Blackmere Terpsichore's Mouffle Arn Hold
6160 01/27/2018 Cristina de Lagonissa Yggdrasil Arn Hold
6159 01/27/2018 Mikulas the Butcher Guardian of Sincerity and Honor Arn Hold
6158 12/04/2017 Esabell Grant Service Performed Under Duress Arn Hold
6157 12/04/2017 Killian Flynn MacThoy Keeper of the North Star Arn Hold
6156 01/24/2015 Killian Flynn MacThoy Pomme d'Or Arn Hold
6155 05/10/2014 Killian Flynn MacThoy Cirque d'Honeur Arn Hold
6154 09/22/2018 Dalek Volkov Golden Maple Leaf Stonegate